Radiogroup: problem with radio value="true"

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lramellavotta gravatar image lramellavotta flag of Italy
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Hello, I have a simple form with radiogroup

                            <radiogroup id="chkTipoUtente" selectedItem="@bind(gbD.tipo)">
                                <radio label="Amministratore" value="A"/>
                                <radio label="Utente"         value="U"/>
                            <radiogroup id="chkUtente_attivo" selectedItem="@bind(gbD.abilitato)">
                                <radio label="Abilitato"     value = "true"   />
                                <radio label="Non abilitato" value = "false"  />
                            <label value="@load(gbD.abilitato)" />

The first radiogroup works fine. The chkUtente_attivo don't work. The value of gbD.abilitato is "true" or "false" (MySQL bit field).

Any idea?

Thanks Luca

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answered 2013-02-13 00:34:14 +0800

spitghost gravatar image spitghost

Hey Luca,

By binding a selected item you'll have a variable with the type of the object that is represented by the selected item. Following the example that you placed above for you probably have a String that contains the value, but in your specific case I'm not sure if the bind is made to a boolean. Have you tried to change the value to anything but true/false? Try to create a String variable and bind it, to do the conversion from your binded variable to that boolan value make a Boolean.getValue(<your variable>) ir order to obtain your desired result.

Hope it helps!

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answered 2013-02-13 05:48:47 +0800

Matze2 gravatar image Matze2
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updated 2013-02-13 05:49:49 +0800

At least with 6.0.x, the built-in converter does not cast the ViewModel value to String.

You can keep your variable internally as boolean, but your getter/setter methods must mimic String like this:

private boolean abilitato;
public String getAbilitato() {
    return String.valueOf(abilitato);
public void setAbilitato(String abilitatoStr) {
    this.abilitato = Boolean.parseBoolean(abilitatoStr);

Maybe a candidate for a feature request...

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