Thank you for using ZK Forum, here is how it works.

Why the new Q&A Forum

We introduced the new forum to make it easier for everyone to find the correct answer as the correct answer should have the most votes. In addition to this the forum will foster an environment which rewards contributors for actively taking part in the community. The more you participate in the community the more rewards and influence you can have on the community as a whole.

How questions, answers and comments work

This site is for asking and answering questions, not for open-ended discussions. We encourage everyone to use “question” space for asking and “answer” for answering.

Despite that, each question and answer can be commented – the comments are good for the limited discussions.

Please search before asking your questions

Type your question in the search bar and see whether a similar question has been asked before.

Search has advanced capabilities:

In addition, it is possible to click on tags to add them to the search query.

Important!!! All search terms are combined with a logical "AND" expression - to narrow the search by adding new terms.


Voting in ZK Forum helps to select best answers and thank most helpful users.

Please vote when you find helpful information, it really helps the ZK Forum community.


When someone's answer resolves your question, please remember to accept it. This will help others to identify the answer is correct.

Creating a discussion instead of a Q&A item

To create a discussion on the “Ask your Question” page (get to this page via clicking the button “Ask your Question”) check the checkbox under the title which reads “Make this question a discussion”. For more information on discussions please visit the forum

Code style in questions (MVC & MVVM vs ZScript)

MVC & MVVM is the preferred approach to development with ZK, however, ZScript can come in handy when fast prototyping is required. However, though ZScript has its uses it is very much recommended that the responses to questions contain MVC & MVVM code rather than ZScript.

Read & Unread

When you login you will notice that some of the question titles are in bold, this is to indicate that they are unread.

Utilize Tags

  1. Please select a proper tag(s) will help others to search for the correct question. For example if it’s MVVM related question, then you can tag it as MVVM.
  2. You can use multiple tags. To write multiple tags please use a space between them.
  3. The announcement tag provides news from ZK team or product related news


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