Can I have multiple extension of AnnotateDataBinderInit for different zul pages?

asked 2010-04-05 16:37:56 +0800

lukexma gravatar image lukexma

I have two classes that extend AnnotateDataBinderInit classe. I do not want to use zscripts. I want to do it MVC way:

public class PersonInit
extends AnnotateDataBinderInit

public class StockInit
extends AnnotateDataBinderInit

The server gives me this exception:
org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: Page is already covered by another Data Binder. Cannot be covered by this Data Binder again. Page:LayoutPageId

If I have only one extension of AnnotateDataBinderInit, and do all the initialization in the one class, it works OK. Is there a way to have multiple classes that extends AnnotateDataBinderInit for different zul pages?

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answered 2010-04-05 19:56:54 +0800

madruga0315 gravatar image madruga0315 flag of Brazil
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This error means that both person and stock binders are handling the same component.

As far as I remember, you can use both, but have to specify the root component for each, and make sure they're not interlacing.

Pseudo code not tested warning:

<?init class="databind.PersonInit" arg0="./pnlPersons" ?>
<?init class="databind.StockInit" arg0="./pnlStocks" ?>

    <panel id="pnlPersons"> components here </panel>
    <panel id="pnlStocks"> components here </panel>

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answered 2010-04-05 23:53:32 +0800

lukexma gravatar image lukexma

Thank you for your response. I did this in two zul files. It still trows the same exception.

Frankly speaking, learning ZK is one of the most frustrating experience to me. I don't know other people's experience. When putting ZK into production stage, it's even more frustrating: The feeling that the teams have been cheated by the sellers.

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answered 2010-04-06 07:34:51 +0800

madruga0315 gravatar image madruga0315 flag of Brazil
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Based on the error message: "Cannot be covered by this Data Binder again. Page:LayoutPageId", both binder are covering the Page component, which is the root component, so the arg0="component" is not really working, and the binder is then attaching itself in the page instead of the component. I would put some break points on the binder init class, and really see what's going on in the background.

For your other comment, I believe that the data binding part of ZK is probably the most complex part, the part the most of us will struggle a bit. But even with all this complexity, I think that ZK is far more easier and intuitive than others web frameworks. I really don't think that our team would have a better productivity rate with other web ui framework.

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answered 2010-04-06 10:05:12 +0800

robertpic71 gravatar image robertpic71
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meanwhile, i prefer to create my own databinder-instance.

Here is some code form my standard-controller:

public class Main extends GenericForwardComposer {

	private AnnotateDataBinder binder;
	 * Model und Servicedata
	MainModel model;
	public void doAfterCompose(Component _win) throws Exception {
		win.setVariable("model", model, false);  // make models visible for the databinder [1]
		binder = new AnnotateDataBinder(_win);

[1] Since ZK 5.0.0 you should setAttribute instead

Note: There is no <?init..> inside my zul.

2.) 2 binders for the same data
I've not tested this, maybe it works. However i do not need this, because it is possible to scope the databinder.

<grid id="input">
<row>* Lastname: <textbox id="lastname" value="@{model.PersonBean.lastname}" constraint="no empty" width="300px" /></row>
<row>* Firstname: <textbox id="firstname" value="@{model.PersonBean.firstname}" constraint="no empty" width="300px"/></row>
<textbox id="other" value="@{model.CityBean.name}"/>


load all Elements under "input", because "other" is outside "input" it will be not loaded!

load all Elements

2c.) of course, this works for binder.saveComponent() also

3.) For new windows, create a new databinder - no troubles at all


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