passing a parameter in listbox

asked 2010-01-20 07:57:07 +0800

AllenFox gravatar image AllenFox
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I'm using a listbox to display a collection of items. How can I pass an item property value to someFunction?

    someFunction(itemId) {
        // ... 
<z:listbox model="@{someModel}" id="itemsList">
                        <z:listitem self="@{each=item}" value="@{each}">
                                <z:toolbarbutton onClick="someFunction(item.id)" label="@{item.name}"/>


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answered 2010-01-20 08:13:44 +0800

madruga0315 gravatar image madruga0315 flag of Brazil
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annotate data bind does not support this.

I see two alternative:

1. switch to ListitemRenderer instead of data binding
2. stick with data binding, then implement a TypeConverter interface for the toolbarbutton, then in the coerceToUi you create the onClick that you want

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answered 2010-01-20 14:59:30 +0800

robertpic71 gravatar image robertpic71
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updated 2010-01-20 15:01:47 +0800

You have do handle the event. The event contains the targetComponent.

Here is example (working insde the ZK Demo page) with custom-attribute (custom-attribute working since 5.0 with databinding):
Note: I store the value inside the customattribute. This could be a value of the object (here: person.firstName) or the object itself -->
value=@{value} if you want the whole object.

<?init class="org.zkoss.zkplus.databind.AnnotateDataBinderInit" arg0="./mywin"?>
<window id="mywin" border="none">
ZK name check list :
	//init example data beans
	import org.zkoss.zkdemo.userguide.Person;
	List persons = new ArrayList();
	persons.add(new Person("Balu", "Haben"));
	persons.add(new Person("Sadira", "Jobs"));
	persons.add(new Person("Dacey", "Obert"));
	persons.add(new Person("Gabby", "Taffy"));
	Person selected = persons.get(0);		
        void someFunction(Event event) {
            option.value = event.getTarget().getAttribute("value");
	Option:<label id="option"/>
	<listbox model="@{persons}" selectedItem="@{selected}" rows="5">
		<listhead >
				<listheader label="Name"/>		
		<listitem self="@{each=person}">
                         <toolbarbutton onClick="someFunction(event)" label="@{person.fullName}">
                            <custom-attributes value="@{person.firstName}"/>

However, you get the component form the event. You could also retrieve the "mother" toolbarbutton - getParent() --> listcell - getParent() --> listitem.

Check this thread for another example.


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answered 2010-01-21 07:26:40 +0800

AllenFox gravatar image AllenFox
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updated 2010-01-21 09:44:41 +0800

Thanks for your replies, guys. It's a pity but I cannot use zk 5.0 since we have the code in zk3.6.3 that does not work with zk5.0. Nevertheless, utilizing custom attributes seems to be very easy and intuitive.
I'm going to try solving my problem with ListitemRenderer and hope to come up with some solution.

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answered 2010-01-21 19:34:58 +0800

jimmyshiau gravatar image jimmyshiau
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http://www.zkoss.org/ ZK Team

I make a sample


	<window apply="ctrl.MyComposer">
		<listbox id="lb">
				<listheader label="Name" />


package ctrl;

import java.util.*;

import org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component;
import org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event;
import org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.EventListener;
import org.zkoss.zk.ui.util.GenericForwardComposer;
import org.zkoss.zul.*;

public class MyComposer extends GenericForwardComposer {

	private Listbox lb;

	public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception {

		List<Person> persons = new ArrayList<Person>();
		persons.add(new Person("Balu", "Haben"));
		persons.add(new Person("Sadira", "Jobs"));
		persons.add(new Person("Dacey", "Obert"));
		persons.add(new Person("Gabby", "Taffy"));

		lb.setModel(new ListModelList(persons));

		lb.setItemRenderer(new ListitemRenderer() {
			public void render(Listitem item, Object data) throws Exception {
				if (data == null)
				Person person = (Person) data;
				Listcell lc = new Listcell();
				Toolbarbutton tb = new Toolbarbutton(person.getName());
				tb.addEventListener("onClick", new EventListener() {
					public void onEvent(Event evt) throws Exception {

	private class Person {
		private String id, name;

		public Person(String id, String name) {
			this.id = id;
			this.name = name;

		public String getId() {
			return id;

		public String getName() {
			return name;


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answered 2010-01-22 03:16:46 +0800

AllenFox gravatar image AllenFox
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updated 2010-01-22 03:31:09 +0800

Thanks, as1225.

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