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asked 2009-12-31 07:46:26 +0800

kar gravatar image kar
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Hi all,

i wanted to ask a question about the timezone and the calendars

I’m using the zk version 3.6.3.

By default it gets the timezone from California … I have tried adding the rome time zone (so I can see the two columns) but still the hours on the left side starts from 00:00.

What shall I do to correctly display it around the current time?

The setTimeZone wants a string as a value … I have tried putting different values … but I get an exception of array index bound exception …


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answered 2010-01-03 20:07:42 +0800

jimmyshiau gravatar image jimmyshiau
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http://www.zkoss.org/ ZK Team

The main timezone always start at 00:00
you can call setTimeZone("California=GMT-8")

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answered 2010-02-05 07:23:13 +0800

kar gravatar image kar
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Hope is not too last to ask still a bit of help ...
here is what i have done ...

org.zkoss.calendar.Calendars cals = (org.zkoss.calendar.Calendars) calendarWin
.getVariable("cal", false);

Map zone = cals.getTimeZones();
if (!zone.isEmpty()) {
Iterator iterator = zone.entrySet().iterator();
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
Map.Entry me = (Map.Entry) iterator.next();
// Remove default timezone
cals.removeTimeZone((TimeZone) me.getKey());
// Add Rome as timezone
cals.addTimeZone("Roma", TimeZone.getTimeZone("Europe/Rome"));
cals.setTimeZone("California=GMT-6"); <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

so what i do is to remove all time zone from the calendar ...

i have tried different combination ... but
if i had just the addTimeZone (rome ... ) i still see the calendar starting from zero ...
if I had only the second line i get the calendar with name California but still starting from zero ...

if i use both the line i get the first column Roma starting from zero and the second California starting from 16

still do not understand what i'm doing wrong

thanks agains

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answered 2010-02-05 19:23:52 +0800

jimmyshiau gravatar image jimmyshiau
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http://www.zkoss.org/ ZK Team

You can see that they do the same thing

	public void addTimeZone(String label, TimeZone timezone) {
		if (label == null) label = "";
		_tzones.put(timezone, label);
		if (!inMonthMold() && _dfmter != null){
			Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(getDefaultTimeZone());			
			cal.set(Calendar.MINUTE, 0);
			smartUpdate("captionByTimeOfDay", Util.encloseList(Util.packCaptionByTimeOfDay(cal, _tzones, Locales.getCurrent(), _dfmter)));
		TimeZone tz = getDefaultTimeZone();
		smartUpdate("tz", (tz.getRawOffset() + (tz.useDaylightTime() ? tz.getDSTSavings() : 0))/60000);
		smartUpdate("bd", getBeginDate().getTime());
		smartUpdate("ed", getEndDate().getTime());	

	public void addTimeZone(String label, String timezone) {
		addTimeZone(label, TimeZone.getTimeZone(timezone));

	public void setTimeZone(String timezone) {
		if (timezone == null)
			throw new IllegalArgumentException("The timezone is null!");
		for (String timezoneString : timezone.trim().split(",")) {
			String[] pair = timezoneString.split("=");
			addTimeZone(pair[0].trim(), pair[1].trim());

and it will call for loop to draw time zone column
the first element will show start with 00:00
so, which are you want to be base time that start from 00:00 ?
you have to add time zone in you want sequence

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