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asked 2012-12-11 09:01:51 +0800

javaenthu gravatar image javaenthu

Loss of background color while scrolling the grid

Hi all, We have a grid and for this grid we are using custom paging component. While the rows are rendered, based on the requirement we set the background color. For this grid we are using render on demand option, because we might get lot of rows which might result in memory issue. We are also providing an option to view all the records of grid. Say for example we are setting grid page size to 20, we see all the records with required background color. Now if we click the option to show all the records, first 20 records come as expected, now on scrolling the 20-40, 40-60, etc rows are rendered but unfortunately the* newly rendered rows are deprived of the background color* (in fact the method which we call to set the background color is not called while scrolling ) I am not sure others are also facing this issue. Its becoming very annoying for the user. Any work around or idea to resolve this issue is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. JE.

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