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OpenLayers in ZK


Background: I'm doing some evaluation of the ZK framework to see if it's suitable for some of the web apps we build. Most of our web apps have a mapping component. Idealy we'd like to use some google maps layers and some of our own (provided by OGC services and GeoRSS). ZK looks like a promising framework, however I've not found a workable openlayers component and gmaps does not seem flexible enough with regard to adding our own layers and drawing geometries on the maps and sending them back to the server.

Question: 1) Is there an OpenLayers component floating around? I've tried OLmaps, which looked promising, however, it has the apperance of a dead project. Broken demos and links on the site, no changes in the last 8 months and all forum mentions are 2007 or 2008. I've not been able to get it functional. The download on the site doesn't work, but the SVN repository does. I grabbed the olmaps jar from the dist in SVN, but was getting no class def found errors. I then checked out the project and compiled it myself. It now loads openlayers, but has other errors ("failed to invoke zkOLmaps.init"). 2) Does anyone know if OLmaps is still alive (even better, have you got it working?) 3) Is it possible to do what I mentioned earlier with gmaps? ie. add my own layers from WMS, users draw geoms and send them back to the server.

Any advice or insight would be much appreciated. Luke

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