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asked 2010-03-26 04:27:14 +0800

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Jumping with tab key into menuitem


Can anybody help me with the following issue? I have in my zul-File a borderlayout like this:

<borderlayout> <west> <panel> <panelchildren &gt;="" <menubar=""> <menu label="M 1"> <menupopup> <menuitem="task 1"=""/> <menuitem="task 2"=""/> <menuitem="task 3"=""/> </menupopup> </menu>

                 <menuitem label="M 2" />
                 <menuitem label="M 3"/>




Now i want to jump with the tab key from item to item in the menubar. But it doesnt works, i can't jump from "menuitem label="M 1" to "menuitem label="M 2" in Mozilla FF. I use Release 3.6.3. In IE it works. With release 3.6.4 it works too.

I sampled to resolve the problem by tabindex, but its too complex. Has anybody an idea i could resolve this problem or it is better to upgrade to Release 3.6.4 If are more informations needful, please ask me :)

Thanks for your answers.

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