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timeline can't paint multiple events with same date in some cases

Hi, everyone here: I have used timeline component for a while, I found that if we have several events with same date, timeline will NOT paint all of them if I use the following way:

1. set list model in public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) Bandinfo dayBand; ... ListModel events= new ListModelList(allEvents); dayBand.setModel(events);

2.use annotation databinding <timeline height="400px" width="100%" &gt;="" <bandinfo="" id="dayBand" width="60%" intervalunit="day" intervalpixels="100" model="@{}"/> <bandinfo id="monthBand" width="40%" intervalunit="month" trackheight="0.5" trackgap="0.2" intervalpixels="500" syncwith="dayBand" showeventtext="false"> </bandinfo> </timeline>

but if you make Bandinfo object add occurevent one by one, the timeline will paint all events with the same date. for (OccurEvent e:allEvents){ dayBand.addOccurEvent(e); }

is this a bug or original design? does anybody have similar experience?

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