zk.wpd JS error, with window inside window

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I am gettting JS errors on zk.wpd

TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetHeight' of null

Failed to mount: Cannot read property 'offsetHeight' of null

TypeError: ao is null

in zk.wpd script file

I have narrowed it down to a cause... that is I have a zul page where i have created a child window to be opened as a popup i.e. initially hidden, inside an parent window, but for some reason it works properly for few times and than all of a sudden it starts to throw strange JS errors from zk.wpd as i mentioned in my initial question.

If i comment the child window and run application, there is no issue at all.

I can't understand as of now, why it is happening but will update this post again if I find a solution.

the child window is

<window id="filterAccidentWindow" border="normal" style="left: 850px; top: 40px"  visible="true" width="200px" closable="true">
    <caption label="${c:l('FILTER')}" width="180px"/>
         <grid hflex="1">
                <row><label hflex="1" sclass="font12B" value="${c:l('Contract.inquiry.accident.date')}"/></row>
                <row><filterdatebox hflex="1" filterManager="${arg.manager.filterManager}" property="filterAccidentDate"/></row>
                <row><label hflex="1" sclass="font12B" value="${c:l('Contract.inquiry.accident.number')}"/></row>
                <row><filtertextbox hflex="1" filterManager="${arg.manager.filterManager}" property="filterAccidentNumberCode"/></row>
                  <hbox hflex="1">
                    <actionbutton image="/images/filter.gif" label="${c:l('APPLY')}" associateAction="${arg.manager.filterManager.applyAction}"/>
                    <actionbutton image="/images/cancel.gif" label="${c:l('RESET')}" associateAction="${arg.manager.filterManager.resetAction}"/>

it is a part of parent window with few other grids and listboxes

<window border="normal" visible="false" width="800px" closable="true" onClose="windowManager.closeWindow(event)"
 contentStyle="overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:auto;position:relative" id="contractAccidentClaimWindow">


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set your hidden window not hidden, I'm thinking in the way that the hidden window stay's open while the parent window is closed, and test like that a few times.

chillworld ( 2015-03-18 07:23:33 +0800 )edit

If i keep it not hidden, than i face no issues, but as for my requirement i have to hide it and open it onclik of button action, can you suggest me why am i getting the error and how to resolve it.

echarish ( 2015-03-23 02:28:29 +0800 )edit
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