weird alignment of menuitem

asked 2015-01-30 17:09:58 +0800

lramella gravatar image lramella
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Hi, I have a strange alignment of my menuitem. The menuitem are non-aligned with their menu.

Where is the mistake in my code?

Thank you for your help Luca

    <window  id="Menu" title="Gestione Call Center" border="none" width="99.5%" height="100%" mode="overlapped"
    viewModel="@id('vm') @init('rvl.gm.ui.Menu_new')" use="rvl.gm.ui.Menu" apply="org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer">

    <north splittable="false">
        <div >
                <borderlayout height="34px">

                    <west border="none" width="60%">
                        <menubar id="menubar" width="100%">
                            <menu label="Admin" image="/images/MenuAdmin.png" height="34px">
                                    <menuitem id="menu_01" label="Gestione Utenti"      onClick="onClick_Utenti()" 
                                    <menuitem id="menu_02" label="Gestione Nazioni"     onClick="onClick_Nazioni()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_03" label="Gestione Province"    onClick="onClick_Province()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_04" label="Gestione Comuni"      onClick="onClick_Comuni()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_05" label="Gestione Categorie"   onClick="onClick_Categorie()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_06" label="Gestione Agenti"      onClick="onClick_Agenti()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_07" label="Gestione Clienti"     onClick="onClick_Clienti()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_09" label="Gestione Numeri non geografici" onClick="onClick_NumeriCostosi()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_10" label="Cambio Password" onClick="onClick_CambioPassword()" />
                            <menu label="Gestionale" image="/images/MenuGestionale.png" height="34px">
                                    <menuitem id="menu_20" label="Inserimento chiamate"         onClick="onClick_Contatti()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_21" label="Visualizzazione chiamate"     onClick="onClick_ElencoChiamate()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_22" label="Gestione agenda visite"       onClick="onClick_Agenda()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_23" label="Visualizza visite su mappa"   onClick="onClick_AgendaMaps()" />
                                    <menuitem id="menu_26" label="Gestione visite e acquisti"   onClick="onClick_Visite()" />
                            <menu label="Stampe" image="/images/MenuStampe.png" height="34px">
                                    <menuitem id="menu_30" label="Stampe varie" onClick="onClick_StampaElencoVisite()" />
                            <menu label="Asterisk" image="/images/MenuAsterisk.png" height="34px">
                                    <menuitem id="menu_40" label="Log asterisk" onClick="onClick_ElencoChiamateAsterisk()" />

                    <east border="none" width="40%" >
                        <div align="rigth" style="float:rigth; padding: 8px; background-color:#FFF5EE" width="100%" >
                            <label value="ServerDB:" style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px;"/>
                            <label id="lblServer" 
                                    style="font-weight:bold;color:green;font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px; "/>
                            <separator bar="true" orient="vertical" ></separator> 
                            <label value="Utente:" style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px;"/>
                            <label id="lblUtente"
                                    style="font-weight:bold;color:green;font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px; "/>
                            <separator bar="true" orient="vertical" ></separator> 
                            <label value="Altro: dbg=" style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px;"/>
                            <label id="lblAltro"
                                    style="font-weight:bold;color:green;font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px; "/>
                            <separator bar="true" orient="vertical" ></separator> 
                            <label value="zkVer:" style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px;"/>
                            <label id="lblZK"     value="${desktop.webApp.version}" 
                                    style="font-weight:bold;color:green;font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px; "/>
                            <separator bar="true" orient="vertical" ></separator> 
                            <label value="Orario:" style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px;"/>
                            <label id="lblOrario"
                                    style="font-weight:bold;color:green;font-family:Comic Sans MS;font-size:12px; "/>
                            <separator bar="true" orient="vertical" ></separator> 
                            <button id="btnexit" image="/images/btn-exit-24x24.png" onClick="onClick_Exit()" 
                                    style="padding: 0px; background-color:#FFF5EE"/>

                            <timer id="timer" delay="0" repeats="true" onTimer="setTimer()" />
    <center id="blcCenter">
        <include id="incForm" src="" />
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answered 2015-01-30 18:38:13 +0800

chillworld gravatar image chillworld flag of Belgium
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When I remove the height="34px" from the menu tag, it works as expected.

Greetz chill.

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