Listbox & ListGroup with groupname and other value

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I am using Listbox/Listgroup to display list of record but here is my requirement little bit change i want Listgroup like below image


Is this possible ? If yes what approach i have to follow right now i am using below code

 <listbox hflex="1" emptyMessage="@load(vm.getText('LABEL_NOROWS'))" checkmark="true" multiple="true"
                            model="@load(vm.billedFeeGroupModel)" width="100%">

                            <listhead sizable="false" width="100%">
                                <listheader />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_FEECODE'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_FEEDESC'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_FEECOMMENT'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_FEEAMOUNT'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_DUEAMOUNT'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_PAIDAMOUNT'))" />
  <listheader label="@load(vm.getText('AccountBillFeeDetail:FIELD_PAID'))" />
   <template name="model:group">
    <listgroup label="@load(each)" />

    <template name="model" var="accountBillFeeData">
        <listitem width="100%">
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.accountBillFee.feeCode)" />
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.feeDesc)" />
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.accountBillFee.feeComment)" />
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.accountBillFee.feeAmount)" />
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.accountBillFee.feeLeft)" />
   <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.accountBillFee.feeLeft)" />
    <label value="@bind(accountBillFeeData.paidInFullFlag)" />
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