ZK7 MVVM update binded bean property while set value programmatically

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Hello! How can I update bean property by setting value to component programmatically without direct call of setter?

I have three depended textboxes, when value of one of them changed, the other values should be calculated and changed as well. All textboxes binded to POJO bean properties.

ZUL code:

<label   id="weightKgLabel" value="Weight, kg"/>
<textbox id="weightKgTextbox" value="@bind(ivm.ware.weight)" onChange="@command('calculateWeights', currentWeight = self, fellow1 = weightLbTextbox, fellow2 = weightOzTextbox)">
    <custom-attributes measureUnit="${kg}"/>
<label   id="weightLbLabel" value="Weight, lb"/>
<textbox id="weightLbTextbox" value="@bind(ivm.ware.weightLb)" onChange="@command('calculateWeights', currentWeight = self, fellow1 = weightKgTextbox, fellow2 = weightOzTextbox)">
    <custom-attributes measureUnit="${lb}"/>
<label   id="weightOzLabel" value="Weight, oz" hflex="1"/>
<textbox id="weightOzTextbox" value="@bind(ivm.ware.weightOz)" onChange="@command('calculateWeights', currentWeight = self, fellow1 = weightLbTextbox, fellow2 = weightKgTextbox)">
    <custom-attributes measureUnit="${oz}"/>

Setters in bean class:

public void setWeight(Double weight) {
    this.weight = weight;
    context.createPath("/xml/Weight", weight);

public void setWeightOz(Double weight) {
    this.weightOz = weight;
    context.createPath("/xml/WeightOunces", weight);

public void setWeightLb(Double weight) {
    this.weightLb = weight;
    context.createPath("/xml/WeightPounds", weight);

Here is my calculation method in ViewModel class:

public void calculateWeights(@BindingParam("currentWeight") Textbox weightTextbox, @BindingParam("fellow1") Textbox fellowTextbox1, @BindingParam("fellow2") Textbox fellowTextbox2)
    UID meuWeightUID = (UID)weightTextbox.getAttribute("measureUnit");
    Double koef = MEU.getKoef(meuWeightUID);
    Double valueInKg = Double.parseDouble(weightTextbox.getValue()) * koef;

    UID meuFellow1UID = (UID)fellowTextbox1.getAttribute("measureUnit");
    Double fellowKoef1 = MEU.getKoef(meuFellow1UID);
    double fellowValue1 = Commons.round(valueInKg / fellowKoef1, 2);
    fellowTextbox1.setValue(fellowValue1 + "");

    UID meuFellow2UID = (UID)fellowTextbox2.getAttribute("measureUnit");
    Double fellowKoef2 = MEU.getKoef(meuFellow2UID);
    double fellowValue2 = Commons.round(valueInKg / fellowKoef2, 2);
    fellowTextbox2.setValue(fellowValue2 + "");

So, when the calculateWeights is called any 1 of 3 is set on client side and any 2 of 3 is set programmatically. The field set on client side calls corresponded setter perfect. But the problem is that fellowTextbox1.setValue("...") neither fellowTextbox2.setValue("...") do not call their binded setter. What should be done to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2014-09-04 14:35:13 +0800

chillworld gravatar image chillworld flag of Belgium
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Zul :

<textbox id="weightKgTextbox" value="@bind(ivm.ware.weight)" onChange="@command('calculateWeights', measure = 'kg')">

Java :

public void calculateWeights(@BindingsParam("measure") String measure) {
    if ("kg".equals(measure)) {
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeightOz(...); // result calc
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeightLb(...); // result calc
    if ("oz".equals(measure)) {
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeight(...); // result calc
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeightLb(...); // result calc
    if ("lb".equals(measure)) {
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeight(...); // result calc
        // Do the calc
        ware.setWeightOz(...); // result calc

Just a quick solution. I suggest creating 3 commands for each specific change so you don't have to play with the bindingparam. :

zul :

<textbox id="weightKgTextbox" value="@bind(ivm.ware.weight)" onChange="@command('calculateKg')">


public void calculateKg) {
    // Do the calc
    ware.setWeightOz(...); // result calc
    // Do the calc
    ware.setWeightLb(...); // result calc
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Makes sense, thank you! Sometimes trying to find "beautiful" solution we loose easy one :)

KMaria ( 2014-09-05 08:20:40 +0800 )edit

your welcome

chillworld ( 2014-09-05 08:39:25 +0800 )edit
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