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Hello,here is a weird situation, and guess i have tried everything what i think should have worked.

look below the code first ,in this i have taken a groupbox and a div in vlayout,In div their is a include component,I want to pass the present viewModel object(vm) to the viewmodel of this included page.

    <window mode="modal" popup="true" width="1000px" height="635px"
        apply="org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer" border="normal"
        viewModel="@id('vm') @init('xxx.ViewModel')">
            <groupbox width="100%" mold="3d" height="280px"
                <include   src="@bind(vm.path)"


included page viewmodel code:

    public void afterCompose(@ExecutionParam("viewModelArg") ViewModel viewModel  ){}

initially somehow it was working ,but as i have changed some code inside my project(don't have any idea about the change,but its not relative as much i know to this code),Now it has stopped working.and gives a null value to viewModel.

The situation is that ,we can have only string type value and for non string-typed their is no clear documentation about how to retrieve the value in included page viewmodel.I get a NULL everytime. Thanks in advance.

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