For Chart (gantt) ,Chinese Fonts garbled in X/Y,How to solve?

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For Chart (gantt) ,Fonts garbled in X/Y

Chinese part can not be displayed correctly in ZK Chart

my code

<chart id="gantt" title="Gantt Chart" width="700" height="400" type="gantt" threeD="false" fgAlpha="128" dateFormat="yyyy/MM/dd">
    import org.zkoss.zul.GanttModel.GanttTask;
    public Date date(int year, int month, int day) {
        final java.util.Calendar calendar = java.util.Calendar.getInstance();
        calendar.set(year, month-1, day);
        final Date result = calendar.getTime();
        return result;
    //series, task (task description, start, end, complete percentage)
    GanttModel ganttmodel = new GanttModel();

    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("案例xxx", date(2008,4,1), date(2008,4,3), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Obtain Approval", date(2008,4,9), date(2008,4,9), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Requirements Analysis", date(2008,4,10), date(2008,5,15), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Design Phase", date(2008,5,15), date(2008,6,17), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("案例一", new GanttTask("Design Signoff", date(2008,6,30), date(2008,6,30), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Alpha Implementation", date(2008,7,1), date(2008,9,12), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Design Review", date(2008,9,12), date(2008,9,22), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Revised Design Signoff", date(2008,9,25), date(2008,9,27), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Beta Implementation", date(2008,8,12), date(2008,9,12), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Testing", date(2008,10,31), date(2008,11,17), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Final Implementation", date(2008,11,18), date(2008,12,5), 0.0));
    ganttmodel.addValue("Actual", new GanttTask("Signoff", date(2008,12,10), date(2008,12,11), 0.0));
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answered 2013-03-04 04:54:48 +0800

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Chart component is using JFreeChart which change default font that doesn't support Chinese. Therefore, you should specify font manually to chart component. Also refer to document

<chart .....>
Font font = new Font(Font.SERIF, Font.PLAIN, 11);
//Change font name like "新細明體" in first argument
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