How to Update Model Window Data [closed]

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Hi I have a Model Window Inside a ZUl Page Some How like this is the scenario.
1-I have a parent.zul page in which i have created a button when some one clicking that button i am executing this Code....

public void createCalendarModel(Component comp, Map args) {
				comp, args);// args is data for the ModelWindow


2- parent.zul file ViewModelClass is ParentViewModel.java And
child.zul file ViewModellass is ChildViewModel.java

Now issue is that let us suppose in ModelWindow(child.zul ) page user clicked on some button and data is updated now i have to display updated data in same viewModel.

I cannot call same code written above because it will create model Window component again which i do not want i will want to update the args value only ?
How can i achieve it?

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answered 2013-01-22 12:06:18 +0800

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We can use below code

Binder bind = (Binder) view.getParent().getAttribute("binder");
if (bind == null)
bind.postCommand("Command Name of parent", params);//params pass parameter as a Map
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