IMPORTANT: Get Value of Component on another ZK Page

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How can I get Components or the CodeBehind Class of another ZK Page?
I am on page A (page a is includet in page b) and I want to change a Componentvalue of Page B...
How do I do that?



the solutions was to change the src of the include component in the frame page...
this solution is not working too.
I tryed defining the Modal-Window Class as an interface.
It all worked fine, but for one user only, if I open up the project with antother browser it says

Access denied: component, <Toolbarbutton diag>, belongs to another desktop: [Desktop zd_krt1:/gui/patientrecord/main.zul]

Shure, but I have no idea how to Navigate then from Includet Window.
Try to work with getFellow doesnt work ether...

Zul Page Frame


                <include id="inc" src="@{winCareFrame.src}"/>


Modal Window Frame Page

private Include inc;
    private String src;
    private static Frame instance;
    private boolean open;

     * @return the instance
    public static Frame getInstance() {
        if (instance == null) {
            instance = new Frame();
        return instance;

    public Frame() {
        if (Executions.getCurrent().getArg().get("src") != null) {
            src = Executions.getCurrent().getArg().get("src").toString();
        } else {
            src = "/gui/patientrecord/modules/care/care_process.zul";

    public void onClose() {
        open = false;

    public void afterCompose() {
       instance = this;
        open = true;
        inc = (Include) getFellow("inc");

     * Ändert den Inhalt der eingebundenen Seite
     * Öffnet wenn nötig das Modale Fenster
     * @param src
    public void setSource(String src) {  <<<< // Changes the Src of the Include 



Event Listener in Includet Page to change the content of the Frame

tree_row.addEventListener(Events.ON_DOUBLE_CLICK, new EventListener() {

                        public void onEvent(Event event) throws Exception {
                            Treerow row = (Treerow) event.getTarget();
                            logger.debug("Choose: " + row.getAttribute("goal_id"));
                            Frame.getInstance().setSource("/modul/care_goal.zul?goal_id=" + row.getAttribute("goal_id")); <<<<

I hope you have an idea how to set the source of the Frames Include.
Maybe with executions. How can I get the Frame Object an call it´s methods?

Thank you very much for your help.
I prize that very much.

Kind regards

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answered 2011-01-14 08:47:57 +0800

flyworld gravatar image flyworld
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after review your code, i found out that you can do better in ZK !
imo, while developing in ZK, i never use "Frame" or "include"

instead of these, i would use pure ZUL to template and allocate the components,

<?page title="ZK Store - Login"?>
<window id="loginWin" border="normal" width="300px"
    title="You are using: ${desktop.webApp.version}"
            <row> Name: <textbox id="nameTxb"/></row>
            <row> Password:<textbox id="passwordTxb"  type="password"/></row>
    <button id="confirmBtn" label="confirm"/>
    <label id="mesgLbl"/>

then using ZK MVC to separate the UI and controller (it is a ZK composer)

about the problem you met, that's very easy,
i save the composer into ZK session

public class LoginViewCtrl extends GenericForwardComposer {
    private Textbox nameTxb;
    private Textbox passwordTxb;
    private Label mesgLbl; 
    public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception {


the i can take this composer by using session.getAttribute("MY_COMPOSER1");

if i want to change anything in that composer, i cat create method to do it !

problem solved =)

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answered 2011-01-14 09:12:58 +0800

knex gravatar image knex
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Thank you so much, You saved my day. And maybe the hole Project.
I´m doin it like you say with ZK and MVC I just named the Class Frame
and Include is a ZK Component.
I had the same Idea putting the Frame into the Session but I addet it inside the Construcor :-D
It is working fine and I am more happy than anyone else can be in this world.
It was very important for me to solf it.
And YOU heped me so much.
Thank you I appriciate this.
God bless you!

SOLVED! :-D yippi ya yeah

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answered 2011-01-14 09:35:26 +0800

flyworld gravatar image flyworld
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great =)

the way you used might be a new way of ZK's pattern i've seen ...:p

but that's why i choose ZK in my projects, it's really powerful and users can finish their job easily :D

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answered 2011-12-13 04:32:10 +0800

Djbhuva gravatar image Djbhuva

you both were saved my time too.. thanks a lot..

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