license question:use the zk spring and mobile in my product.

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foweper gravatar image foweper
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These two days ,i read the forms threads about the licenses. I want to conform two things:
1.can i use the zk spring and zk mobile in my own product?
Using zk in my product is to support web query and mobile query interface. The product will be free for use or download,but maybe charge in the usage more information. Just like saas operation model.

2. the zk CE editon is not include the zk spring or zk mobile,but i can download seperately. This model is illegal or not?
If this method is ok ,then i do not need download the zk ee/pe in order to use the profesional layout /zk spring and mobile.

please tell me the direct result. I should make the decision change to other ajax framework or not.


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answered 2009-12-31 03:00:46 +0800

wingchan gravatar image wingchan
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You can find more information on the ZK licensing page: http://www.zkoss.org/license/

- ZK Mobile (client) is under the Apache license
- ZK Spring and ZK Mobile (server) are available under the GPL and commercial license. You can use either the GPL for free, or our commercial license.
- ZK 5 CE is available under the LGPL
- ZK 5 PE and EE are available under the ZK Open Source License (ZOL) and commercial license.

If your ZK-based application complies with the terms of GPL, then you can choose to use ZK Spring and ZK Mobile (Server) under the GPL.

Or if you're interested in the commercial license, we also have various programs to help you make the best out of ZK at an affordable price.
Please feel free to contact us: [email protected] if you need more details.

The ZK Team

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answered 2010-01-03 20:00:32 +0800

foweper gravatar image foweper
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I got it. Thanks , ZK Team.

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answered 2010-03-05 23:31:12 +0800

ycloh gravatar image ycloh

Just to get a bit more clarification on the licensing. Am not very familiar with all the various licenses, so bear with me.

If i build an application using ZK with ZK Spring and install it for customers, does that mean that my application must be GPL as I am using ZK spring? (even though I do not amend any part of ZK Spring)

Btw, tried sending mail to [email protected] but it bounced with google mail complaining something about bulk senders.

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answered 2010-04-20 00:18:52 +0800

jasbirl gravatar image jasbirl

updated 2010-04-20 00:20:52 +0800

To be honest, your licensing is very confusing. Even though there is a comparison done (http://www.zkoss.org/price/pricing.dsp), here are the issues (put yourself in the position explaining your boss how the licensing options available work, and good luck):

1) It took me a while to figure out that "v" stated in the comparison stands for "volume" - or does it? I mean what does it really stand for?
2) Under Extensions, it indicates "-" with superscript 1; now what does "-" mean? Not Available? Optionally Available? Licensing Required? Or See footnote 1?
3) Almost every cell under PE and EP columns have a superscript; and the respective footer have 2 to 3 licensing mentioned. This is really really irritating.
4) At the bottom, the footer captions, there are two *; now I looked up and down that page, I could not find superscript for these *. Are these standalone statements? If yes, then why do they have * in front of them and why the font is so small?
5) To actually present all of the scenarios to my boss, I will have to make another spreadsheet with the following licenses in it: Open Source GPL, Commercial License, Apache license, LGPL license; then go through the the maze to figure out that if I want to be exclusive to one type of license, what can I actually use? Or if I want various components, what kind of license soup will I end up with!
6) Footer note #2, "Free to use under Apache license, BUT NOT included in PP and EP"? If it is not included in PP or EP, then why is it stated under PP and EP columns on this page? I think you are trying to implying something else.

It will be best that in the following link http://www.zkoss.org/product/edition.dsp, where you have the edition feature matrix, just draw a line at the end of the CE, PP and EP columns, state a total price and applicable licenses (Apache, Commercial, GPL, etc).

I am really disappointed.

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answered 2010-04-20 06:00:25 +0800

jeanher gravatar image jeanher
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ZK Team

@ jasbirl, I am sorry that you feel our licensing confusing.

Basically we group our products as (1) ZK (3 editions: CE, PE, EE) and (2) Extensions and add-on Components.

Also we have packaged PE/EE with extensions, add-on components and services as Professional Package and Enterprise Package respectively for commercial users.
Usually people choose to use either (a) CE with a certain extensions/add-ons; or (b) the Professional Package, or (c) the Enterprise Package depending on their needs. If anyone needs assistance on choosing the edition/packages, please feel free to drop an email to info AT zkoss DOT org.

With regard to your questions,
1) v is the check mark. It means that the feature is contained in the specified package
2) the click-able superscript numbers map to the footnotes
For your other preferences/suggestions, such as font size and presentation preferences, we will review it along with other user feedback and see how we can improve to prevent confusing. In fact we used to list everything in a same table when we offer ZK 3 packages but it turns out to be a very long list where some other users did not like it. That is why we have grouped it and separated the editions and extensions.

I will drop you an email to see how we can further assist you.

- jean

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answered 2010-08-30 08:44:33 +0800

bschatz gravatar image bschatz

Where can i find this ZOL License !?

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answered 2010-08-30 19:52:45 +0800

jeanher gravatar image jeanher
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ZK Team

There are some more information on ZOL here: http://www.zkoss.org/license/
To apply for an ZOL or to obtain more information, please contact info AT zkoss DOT org

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answered 2010-09-01 09:00:32 +0800

bschatz gravatar image bschatz

Hi jeanher,

Thanks for the hint, but i already found this page that contains even a link to the FAQ of ZOL.
But i was not able to found the ZOL license itself.


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answered 2010-09-02 01:20:23 +0800

jeanher gravatar image jeanher
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ZK Team

Hi bschatz,

Did you write to the specified contact (email address:) info AT zkoss DOT org?

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