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asked 2009-04-17 09:29:27 +0800

cordero gravatar image cordero

The Listbox object on Firefox appears correctly, but on Internet Explorer I do not see the descriptions of the headers columns. Why?

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answered 2009-04-17 10:51:00 +0800

ziccardi gravatar image ziccardi
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Could you provide a code snippets to show us what you do and what you get?

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answered 2009-04-22 09:06:41 +0800

skipper gravatar image skipper

Well, we made the same observation with internet explorer 8. Running in "compatibility mode", the page looks more or less ok, but in "native" mode, listbox headers probably need some work on the CSS-side.


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answered 2020-11-13 18:40:15 +0800

ziobleed gravatar image ziobleed
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updated 2020-11-13 18:48:07 +0800

i've the same problem

  • in firefox on my local machine on Jboss Red Hat Enterprise Application Platform 7 and on a remote (Jboss WildFly 7) is rendered correctly (headers and columns contents are perfectly aligned)

    • with internet explorer on my local machine is rendered correctly

    • with internet explore 11 loading page from the remote server (JBoss WildFly 7) the columns are mis-aligned with headers

i'm using zk 6.5

i cant upload the images of internet explorer and firefox cause i don't have enough karma

this is the listbox

<listbox id="listboxId" hflex="1" 
                nonselectableTags="*" mold="paging" pageSize="5"
                <listhead sizable="false">
                    <listheader label="Data"
                        sortAscending="${dataAsc}" sortDescending="${dataDesc}" hflex="5" />
                    <listheader label="Descr"
                        sortDescending="${descrDesc}" hflex="10" />
                    <listheader label="User"
                        sortDescending="${userDesc}" hflex="10" />
                    <listheader hflex="1" align="center">
                    <listheader hflex="1" align="center">
                        <!-- pdf -->


thanks and best regards


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answered 2020-11-13 23:21:47 +0800

ziobleed gravatar image ziobleed
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i resolved by defining a css rule in the zul page as follow


        tr.z-listbox-faker {position: relative !important;}


ispired by solution found here in this forum question/86901/grids-column-width-on-explorer/

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