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asked 2008-12-05 10:14:58 +0800

lovetide gravatar image lovetide
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updated 2008-12-05 10:26:21 +0800

I've tried ZSS for some weeks, I'm building an excel-like online salary sheet to users.
And I have some feedbacks here:

New feature request:
·Can exchange data from a jxl.Workbook object, or, provide a wrapper class which can create a workbook object dynamically in memory, not specify an disk file or a URL.
·Provide Copy/Cut/Paste function (Cell and Range) internally.
·Can exchanged with client clipboard data(Excel format): User can paste in ZSS spreadsheet from the local clipboard data(Excel format), and, user can copy data from ZSS spreadsheet and paste them in local Excel sheet.
·Can get the evaluated/displayed value of cell.

·If a cell is locked/protected, the cell is still editable in ZSS
·If the height is higher than the clientHeight of browser, when dragging the horizontal bar of ZSS spreadsheet, the view of client browser will scroll to the TOP of ZSS spreadsheet, so user can't drag the horizontal bar.
·When ZSS spreasheet first loaded, the active cell is still shown at Cell(0,0) (black bold boarder), even if I specified to another cell (gray bold boarder).

Enhancement request:
·Performance: Displaying is slow when drag the scroll bar.
·Can create an empty ZSS spreadsheet without speicify a Src or Importer.
·Can auto calculate/adjust the maxrows、maxcolumns of ZSS spreadsheet if it's created with dynamically excel data (not from a disk file).

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answered 2008-12-05 11:32:49 +0800

robertpic71 gravatar image robertpic71
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updated 2008-12-05 13:03:13 +0800

Here is my report:

I've tested ZSS and installed the zss*.jar and add the commons-math.jar to my regular ZK Installation (3.5).
Is this a valid installation?

Maybe some problems are from the wrong zk version.
Please let me know, the correct ZK Version for mix with zss.
I'll check my problems before i report / post bugs.

Here a little preview from my problems:
1.) FF2 with X11 Debian Linux - the sheetarea will not loaded (i see only blue)
2.) high CPU Usage for scrolling FF2 (Windows)
3.) 100% CPU for scrolling with IE6
4.) recursive formulars are not checked --> stracktrace (e.g. =A1 in the field A1)
5.) Formating for "percent": the display is correct but when the user types in 50 it should be 50% (interpreted as 0.50 like Excel & Co) and not 5000%
6.) languages setting (e.g. german): i see the correct comma (for the decimal point), but the inputfield expects the non-german dot as comma
7.) when i use the mvel Resolver the page/sheet is crashing while loading
8.) i try to import some xls from server, some documents crashes with an UI-Exception and it's not so easy to find the problem in the sheet..
9.) the already know bug: cannot save my spreadsheet (NullPointerExceptions)

Feature Requests:
10.) databinding seems not work with the getters or maps - would be nice if the binding work like the $ and @ binding (also accept a map, i.e. for jdbc-wrapper)
11.) no way to load the whole sheet: when i working with i.e. 2-3 site sheet i would prefer to wait 1 second (more) on initloading and no more lazyload
12.) copy/paste with the native clipboard: a typical spreadsheet work is collecting data from different sources
possible work-a-round: a excel-icon the opens a window with a multiline-textbox for copy/paste with the native clipboard
13.) and of course: charts


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answered 2008-12-10 00:58:46 +0800

henrichen gravatar image henrichen
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ZK Team

updated 2008-12-10 00:59:27 +0800

Thanks for the feedback. Would you post these request to

ZK Spreadsheet Feature:

ZK Spreadsheet Bugs:

so we can track from there.

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answered 2008-12-26 01:20:44 +0800

lovetide gravatar image lovetide
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updated 2008-12-26 03:36:36 +0800

I've post my feature requests and bugs reports here:

feature requests:
Exchange data with a jxl.Workbook object(or a wrapper class)

Provide Copy/Cut/Paste function (Cell and Range) internally

Copy/Paste can exchange data with client clipboard (Excel)

Get the evaluated value of cells which referenced editedCell

Auto create an empty ZSS without speicify Src attribute

bug report:
If a cell is locked/protected, the cell is still editable

Active cell shown issue when first loaded

Scrolling issue when ZSS height > browser clientHeight

Enhancement: Auto expand view to max-column max-row

cell.editText: Parentheses lost if formula like =(B1-A1)*0.1

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answered 2008-12-26 03:49:27 +0800

henrichen gravatar image henrichen
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ZK Team

Thanks. We will follow the trackers.

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