Component style change (button and listbox): how to change them?

asked 2008-09-25 08:24:46 +0800

Emanuele gravatar image Emanuele
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Hi everyone,

I'm migrating to ZK 3.5. Good work had been done with this new version! But I'm facing some problems with component style.

Changing button background-color

I'm trying to change the background-color of a button. I looked to the style guide but I have not found where this style is defined (and style guide for ZK 3.5 is not available). However, also in ZK 3.0.5 it's not specified where the background-color is defined.
See for ex. the following: http://www.zkoss.org/doc/styleguide/ch01s06.html
Here the style for font are defined, but nothing else...

The following is my example code:

<button label="My button" style="color:white; background-color:red"/>

With this code, the style attribute "color" works correctly (even not specified in style guide), but specifying "background-color" attribute, nothing changes.

Any solutions?

Changing listbox header font size

Another problem with listbox. I want to change the listbox header font-size, for ex. to 8pt. I have seen the style guide (see http://www.zkoss.org/doc/styleguide/ch01s21.html), and I tried with the following code:

div.z-listbox-head th{
font-size: 8pt;
font-size: 8pt;

<listbox width="30%">
<listheader label="Name"/>
<listheader label="Surname"/>
<listcell label="Mickey"/>
<listcell label="Mouse"/>

I added prefix "z-" because I found this suggestion in forum:

But again nothing changes.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2008-09-25 09:09:47 +0800

flyworld gravatar image flyworld
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zk 3.5 change almost all css class ,and the document is out of date .. .||
you can change your button like this

.z-button .z-button-tr,.z-button  .z-button-tm,.z-button  .z-button-tl, 
.z-button .z-button-cr,.z-button  .z-button-cm,.z-button  .z-button-cl, 
.z-button .z-button-br,.z-button  .z-button-bm,.z-button  .z-button-bl {

and the listbox header
   font-size: 8pt;

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answered 2008-09-25 09:50:47 +0800

Emanuele gravatar image Emanuele
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It works! Thank you! Very helpful!

But... if I don't want to specify the new style inside the style tag, is there a way to set it directly to the component, using setStyle?

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answered 2008-09-25 10:41:18 +0800

flyworld gravatar image flyworld
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unforunatly, some components have complex html structures...
if you use setStyle , it will give the style to the outer html tag.
for example

<div style="style you set">
    <span> something you want to change</span>

maybe you can use setSclass to set a CSS class to a component

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