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zuzsso gravatar image zuzsso

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Hi there. I have a problem with Java scripts.
I have this piece of code:

<zscript language="Java">
void aMethod() Source Code
   {//Method starts
         String logVal;
         String pasVal;
         logVal="a Value";
         pasVal= "otherValue";
         //Let check if values are the same
         if (logVal.equals(pasVal) & (logVal!=null))
            {//If Block starts
               //Entry Condition: Two values match and logVal is not null
               alert ("You're Logged in")
            }//If Block endss
            {//Else block starts
               //Entry Condition: Two values don't macth or logVal is null
               alert ("You aren't logged in, try again");
            }//Else block endss
   }//Method endss

I built the application and load the page onto the browser. Tomcat reply with an error message: "The entity name must inmediately follow the '&' in the entity reference"

The error is caused by the use of "&" operator in "if" sentence.
However, if I used the "|" operator, rewriting like this, the page works fine:
if (!logVal.equals(pasVal) | (!logVal!=null)))

The question is: What is the AND operator? That's "&" in Java, but it doesn't works in the script
Tank you in advance!!!

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answered 2008-09-03 20:18:32 +0800

mjablonski gravatar image mjablonski
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this is a problem with escaping the ampersand, which has a special meaning in XML. You'll have to use a CDATA-Section like the following:

... here you can use & as you like...

I would recommend to always use a CDATA-Section within ZScript.

HTH, Maik

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answered 2008-09-03 20:26:50 +0800

zuzsso gravatar image zuzsso

updated 2008-09-04 01:53:53 +0800

Thankyou very much mjablonski. I'll try as you recommend. I tried the && operator and works fine. Regards!!!
PD: It worked because I separated the code from the view, into a page called check.zul. This page was referenced using the src attribute for the zscript tag

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