Deleting Server Bookmark History?

asked 2008-04-01 08:31:13 +0800

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By: themarchoffolly

Is it possible to delete named bookmarks from the ZK Browser History? I do not see an interface for this on Desktop. Without support for deleting bookmarks I do not see how to avoid simple user navigations that can easily lead to inconsistent bookmark state in the application.

For example, imagine a simple application displays a list of Books. The application initially bookmarks this display listing of books as #ListOfBooks.

The user then selects a Book from the list and a new page is displayed. The application bookmarks this page as #BookSummary.

The user next clicks a "Delete Book" button on the #BookSummary page. The book is deleted from the system and the application takes the user back to updated #ListOfBooks page.

Now instead of selecting a new Book from the ListOfBooks the user decides to click the Browser History Forward button.

The application can of course detect that no book has been selected and even inform the user that they must select a new book.

BUT at this point given the user has already clicked the Forward button the URL on display will show the #BookSummary bookmark even though the user is still looking at the #ListOfBooks page.

>From here on, the bookmarks history will only get more confused as the
continues to navigate using Back and Forward in their browser.

If the application detects that no book has been selected when the Forward button has been clicked it should be able to remove the recently appended #BookSummary bookmark from the url. To do this I think there needs to be some way to delete the newly activated bookmark.

This problem seems so likely to occur given the very familiar pattern of user navigation in the application described I'm wondering what approach others have used to solve this problem? Thank you for any help you can provide.


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answered 2008-04-02 06:32:12 +0800

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By: henrichen

Please post to feature request. However, in this case I think the proper reaction is to redirect page back to #ListOfBooks with an error message showing user that "the selected book does not exist" or something like that. So the bookmark will be consistent.


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answered 2021-09-30 20:43:27 +0800

Waseem007 gravatar image Waseem007

Bookmark is a very useful technique to save time and visiting on a particular website. Like we add a Bookmark or Favorites likewise we can also remove its but many people didn’t aware about this. We can easily Remove the Bookmark and Favorites from our browser.

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