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asked 2023-01-02 18:58:29 +0800

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Hi below is my code :

        <window id="workload" height="100%" width="100%" apply="org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer" viewModel="@id('vm') @init('com.multimasteruniters.brains.workload.web.controllers.zk.WorkloadManagement')">
             .myGrid {
               height: 30px !important; 
                <hbox align="start">
                    <radiogroup id="comboType" onCheck="@command('showOptions',filterValue=self.selectedItem.value,listModelQueue=workloadQueueCombo.model,listModelUserGroup=workloadUserGroupCombo.model,listModelUser=workloadUserCombo.model)">
                        <radio label="Queue" radiogroup="comboType" value="0" selected="true"/>
                        <radio label="User Group" value="1" radiogroup="comboType"/>
                        <radio label="User" value="2" radiogroup="comboType"/>
                <hbox align="center">
                    <combobox id="workloadQueueCombo" model="@load(vm.workloadQueues)" selectedItem="@bind(vm.selectedQueue)" onSelect="@command('showQueueItems')" placeholder="${ b:l('str.workload.queue') }" width="500px" autodrop="true" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 0)">
                       <template name="model" var="queue">
                           <comboitem label="@load(queue.name)" />
                    <combobox id="workloadUserGroupCombo" model="@load(vm.workloadUserGroups)" selectedItem="@bind(vm.selectedWorkloadUserGroup)" onSelect="@command('showQueueItems')" placeholder="${ b:l('str.workload.user_group') }" width="500px" autodrop="true" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 1)">
                       <template name="model" var="userGroup">
                           <comboitem label="@load(userGroup.description)" />
                    <combobox id="workloadUserCombo" model="@load(vm.workloadUsers)" selectedItem="@bind(vm.selectedWorkloadUser)" onSelect="@command('showQueueItems')" placeholder="${ b:l('str.workload.user') }" width="500px" autodrop="true" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 2)">
                       <template name="model" var="user">
                           <comboitem label="@load(user.name)" />
                <hbox align="end">
                    <div children="@load(vm.userQueuesStatus)">
                        <template name="children">
                            <checkbox width="75px" label="@load(each)" checked="true" onCheck="@command('setStatus',checked=self.checked,status=each)"/>
            <separator spacing="10px" />
                <grid model="@load(vm.workloadQueueItems)" mold="paging" pageSize="15">
                    <columns sclass="myGrid">
                        <column  label="Queue" align="center" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 1 || vm.filterValue eq 2)"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.user_groupname') }" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 0 || vm.filterValue eq 2)"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.username') }" align="center" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 0 || vm.filterValue eq 1)"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.description') }" align="center"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.status') }" align="center"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.starttime') }" align="center"/>
                        <column  label="${ b:l('str.workload.totalduration') }" align="center"/>
                    <template name="model" var="queueItem" >
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.queueName)" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 1 || vm.filterValue eq 2)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.userGroupDescription)" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 0 || vm.filterValue eq 2)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.username)" visible="@load(vm.filterValue eq 0 || vm.filterValue eq 1)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.description)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.userQueueStatus)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.startTime)"/>
                            <label value="@load(queueItem.totalDuration)"/>

I have 3 radio buttons; on clicking each one of them we get a grid with column headers of different size I want a fixed column height tried using css and other properties but didn't worked out for me. Can anyone help me out please Thanks in advance.

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answered 2023-01-05 18:22:33 +0800

hawk gravatar image hawk
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I want a fixed column height I can understand a row's height. But what's the column height you refer to? I have granted you permission to upload a picture, please upload a screenshot to show what you want.

Since you specify mold="paging" pageSize="15", so the grid should always show 15 items (keep 15 items' height) if vm.workloadQueueItems contains more than 15 items. If the model contains fewer than 15 items, then the grid is less high.

If you want to keep the Grid in a fixed height no matter how many items it displays, you can use CSS like:

<grid style="height: 400px">

If you want a higher column header, you can

        .z-grid-header table{
            height: 80px;
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