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Hello, I happened to use the 7.0.8-Eval, I turned to and everything works super. I bump the version to 8.6.X and while I make some minor fixes as the errors show up, I have the application up but I don't rendering windows(!) The link Unfortunately is dead: "www.zkoss.org/wiki/ZKInstallationGuide/SettingupIDE/Maven/ResolvingZKFrameworkArtifactsvia_Maven" So first thing in my mind, what are the proper dependencies to setup maven because probably I miss some dependency. Second thing, is something that has changed regarding themes? I don't setup anything preconfigured as theme and I get no real windows. I put as dependencies the breeze/sapphire and set them as zk prefered themes, again nothing. Finally what ever I try, I usually get this kind of error:
13:07:24,488 ERROR [org.zkoss.web.util.resource.DspExtendlet] - Failed to load the resource: /js/zkmax/med/css/cropper.css.dsp 13:07:24,488 ERROR [org.zkoss.zk.ui.http.AbstractExtendlet] - Unable to load ~./js/zkmax/med/css/cropper.css.dsp java.io.FileNotFoundException: Failed to load the resource: /js/zkmax/med/css/cropper.css.dsp In Zk everything is awesome. So what should I do ?

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answered 2022-03-11 21:05:48 +0800

MDuchemin gravatar image MDuchemin
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ZK Team

Hi there,

This error [org.zkoss.web.util.resource.DspExtendlet] - Failed to load the resource: /js/zkmax/med/css/cropper.css.dsp indicates that the ZK resource loader for DSP (theme) files is trying to load cropper.css.dsp from your local theme project, and is failing to do so.

The most likely reason this would happen is if you are using a theme compiled for ZK 7. Cropper was introduced in ZK 8.6.0, so there was no related theme resources for it previously.

I'd recommend you check which version of theme is resolved by your maven pom file. A good way to list your current dependencies is to run the mvn command from command line from the directory containing your pom file with:

mvn dependency:tree

Regarding maven configuration: you can find the general maven config info here.

If you have hard dependencies in this project (for example, located in /web-inf/libs, or declared as system-loaded dependencies in pom), it is possible that there is a hard-loaded theme included in your project, which would still be compiled for ZK 7.

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Thank you for your time and effort to respond. I finally figured it out, I will explain as answer

deployltd ( 2022-03-13 05:36:58 +0800 )edit

answered 2022-03-13 05:47:21 +0800

deployltd gravatar image deployltd

I finally managed to go from 7 to and the error for some reason had to do nothing with theme itself or zkmax directly. It had to do with ... security.

I found this forum post which a guy there has hard time to upgrade some years ago from 7 to 8: forum.zkoss.org/question/99211/migration-to-zk8/

A very important tip there talks about zk-spring which happens for me to have it also. This tip leads to that link: tracker.zkoss.org/browse/ZKSPRING-49

The second link was refering to zk-spring 3.2.0 which also didn't fully get downloaded as zk-spring-security didn't exist(!!)

That again made me to search a bit more and found this link: www.zkoss.org/wiki/ZKSpringEssentials/GettingStartedwithZKSpring/SettingUpZKSpringusing_Maven which explains that zkspring-security 4 instead of 3.2 does exist. So I gave it a try to update this too.

Code compiled again as usually, suddenly no more the original error and I got the authentic login that I expected.

So after a 4 day pain I finally managed it. The best now is that I had to add zkplus-legacy and application run with 9.6.0 as well.

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thanks for putting the detailed info! (fyi you should be able to post links now ;) )

MDuchemin ( 2022-03-14 10:35:22 +0800 )edit
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