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I just wanted to know the exact properties of microservices and pattern of microservices to learn it. I want to build my carrier in this field. Please let me know any suggestions.

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seems you found the wrong forum, I closed the topic

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answered 2019-05-14 20:09:48 +0800

vijaydeveloper gravatar image vijaydeveloper

Get from here: 1. Componentization, the ability to replace parts of a system, comparing with stereo components where each piece can be replaced independently from the others.

  1. Organisation around business capabilities instead of around technology.

  2. Smart endpoints and dumb pipes, explicitly avoiding the use of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

  3. Decentralised data management with one database for each service instead of one database for a whole company.

  4. Infrastructure automation with continuous delivery being mandatory.

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