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asked 2018-01-30 01:16:22 +0800

Senthilchettyin gravatar image Senthilchettyin flag of India
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How to change the default font size in CKEDITOR

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answered 2018-01-30 14:53:57 +0800

khcyt gravatar image khcyt
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Hello Sentil, have you ever looked in the documentation? IMHO the first entry in the 'fontSize_sizes' list will be the default.

CKEditor Doc


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Hello who are you. Do you think i am new to zk and programming ? Asking without looking and searching for the solution. If you know the solution, answer,

Senthilchettyin ( 2018-01-30 22:29:02 +0800 )edit

Hello Senthilchettyin, who are you? :-) Read the documentation at least until config.contentsCss. So I can set the style attributes for all elements. Or look here for another option https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16339258/ckeditor-4-how-to-set-default-font.

khcyt ( 2018-01-31 21:44:08 +0800 )edit

answered 2018-02-02 15:09:04 +0800

cor3000 gravatar image cor3000
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ZK Team

Seems you didn't have the best start. @Senthil... when you say

default font size

What are you refering to? And what is the expected result ... I think you have enough experience to know that vague questions will give vague answers.

Maybe you can provide some insight on what you want to change. By default the font size of the edited text is unspecified, which is a good thing IMO. Still there's a CSS style applied to the editor content to display this font in a certain size e.g. 13px.

There are many ways to change something like that, the question is what do you want as a result? HTML elements with hard coded styles all over the place? A preselected font size from the drop down? Or simply a larger font while editing without affecting the actual HTML result.

And remember ... we are all friends here in the forum.


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answered 2018-02-02 20:55:56 +0800

Senthilchettyin gravatar image Senthilchettyin flag of India
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My Team helped me on this

image description

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thanks for sharing your solution... I now see that you actually wanted to change the displayed font size while editing, and not the default font size of the resulting HTML fragment.

cor3000 ( 2018-02-03 09:40:53 +0800 )edit
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