zk calendar onEventCreate doesn't work notifyChange

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NotifyChange doesn't work in onEventCreate of the zk calendar. I tried the code as a command triggered by a button and it worked, but with the calendar oncreate it doesn't.

    private boolean showInsertNewActivity=false;

    public boolean isShowInsertNewActivity() {
        return showInsertNewActivity;
    public void setShowInsertNewActivity(boolean showInsertNewActivity) {
        this.showInsertNewActivity = showInsertNewActivity;
    @NotifyChange({"simpleCalendarModel","showInsertNewActivity", "activitySession"})
    public void onEventCreate(CalendarsEvent event) {

<if test="@load(vmApp.showInsertNewActivity)">
    Some Code
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answered 2017-09-28 10:48:34 +0800

cor3000 gravatar image cor3000
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ZK Team

updated 2017-09-28 10:49:55 +0800

the @NotifyChange annotation only works in combination with @Command.

In your case you should try something like this in your zul file:

<calendars model="@load(vm.simpleCalendarModel)" 
           onEventCreate="@command('insertNewActivity')" ... />

in your ViewModel:

@NotifyChange({/*"simpleCalendarModel",*/"showInsertNewActivity", "activitySession"})
public void insertNewActivity(@ContextParam(ContextType.TRIGGER_EVENT) CalendarsEvent event) {

I commented out "simpleCalendarModel" from the notify list. It should not be necessary to notify-change the whole SimpleCalendarModel. Updates within the model (adding/removing events) will update the UI automatically because the Calendar component listens to data changes triggered within the CalendarModel (if not please post a bug with steps to reproduce the issue).

Only if you create a new instance and assign it to simpleCalendarModel you have to notify-change the variable.


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