Construct an instance of an object on bind in zul

asked 2017-06-25 09:15:06 +0800

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Hi All.

I need to pass a custom object to my component using the @load binding. Is there any way to instantiate an instance of a class on the ZUL page ?

Say I want to @load an instance of CustomObject class passing two fields in the constructor. Something like:

<component property="@load(new CustomObject(parm1,parm2))" />

I know I can construct this on the viewModel and bind it this way, but was hoping to do it on the zul.


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Using the core taglib of zk you can use the 'new' for creating an instance

chillworld ( 2017-06-25 09:23:33 +0800 )edit

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answered 2017-06-26 01:59:38 +0800

cor3000 gravatar image cor3000
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ZK Team

updated 2017-06-26 02:00:34 +0800

you can use one of ZK's core methods (new, new1, new2, new3): https://www.zkoss.org/wiki/ZUML%20Reference/EL%20Expressions/Core%20Methods

using a string class name:

<?taglib uri="http://www.zkoss.org/dsp/web/core" prefix="c"?>
    <component property="@load(c:new2('my.pkg.CustomObject', parm1, parm2))" />

using the class directly:

<?taglib uri="http://www.zkoss.org/dsp/web/core" prefix="c"?>
<?import my.pkg.CustomObject?>
    <component property="@load(c:new2(CustomObject, parm1, parm2))" />

or if you have a static factory method (e.g. called newInstance) you can call it directly (since ZK 8):

<?import my.pkg.CustomObject?>
    <component property="@load(CustomObject.newInstance(parm1, parm2))" />

I hope this helps, if not let me know.


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Awesome - thanks Robert. I knew there was probably a way.

JustinFrost ( 2017-06-26 08:19:19 +0800 )edit
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