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asked 2016-09-13 11:58:08 +0800

psingh gravatar image psingh flag of India
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I am using zk combo box with template and having 18500 data to load, but when I try to load that much data, I got proxy error 502:: it is taking too much time to load the data. I am using the below code

<combobox width="100%"  autocomplete="true"  model="@load(vm.streetList)"  

                                        <template name="model"
                                                label="@load(each.value)" value="@load(each.value)" description="@load(each.label)"/>


Can anyone help me out to resolve that issue so that larger data can be loaded without any performance issue?

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answered 2016-09-13 13:12:55 +0800

Darksu gravatar image Darksu
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Hello psingh,

You could use a bandbox in order to control the number of records that will be displayed as shown below:


Best Regards,


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answered 2016-09-15 03:47:34 +0800

avanish240288 gravatar image avanish240288

Hi Darksu,

In our case we can't use the bandbox,so please suggest any other solution.

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18500 entries in a combobox? How is this supposed to make sense? How is anyone ever supposed to scroll through that? The best solution here is to choose (or code) a different way of input...

FlorianSchaetz ( 2016-09-15 06:53:36 +0800 )edit

@avanish240288 which case you are using 18500 data in combobox. why you are not using mostcommonuse table for that. when user type something first it will search in mostcommon table then if not available it will go for master table.

hswain ( 2016-09-20 17:35:16 +0800 )edit

answered 2016-09-16 08:31:16 +0800

Darksu gravatar image Darksu
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Hello psingh,

if you use ZK EE version, Combobox won't create comboitem when loading page, so the loading time is short, and it will not crash.

For example use the following code:

<window title="Test" border="normal">
   List  strset = new ArrayList();
   for (int i = 0; i < 20000; i++) {
       strset.add("" + i);
    <comboitem label="item ${forEachStatus.index}" forEach="${strset}"></comboitem>

But again the data size is huge and will slow down the performance, thus please consider a different approach.

Best Regards,


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