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i read carefully your post and i'd like to share with you my experience: i don't want to flame up your thread.

Let's say that the beauty is not an absolute concept: what is pretty for you maybe is ugly for me. In my opinion ZK's components are outstanding (apart from the fact that they are 200+). What component is missing and impossible to self implement in ZK? Apart from that... it's really funny & easy to customize the final layout via CSS or client-side programming. I hate js too but twice every 5 years is ok for me to invest one week to play with jQuery "nativelly".

About the pricing: i'm working with ZK since 2007 and i managed to do everything and the opposite of everything with the CE. If you want to play with Spring/JDBC/AOP you can do everything by your own without problems just checkin what the community presents as documentation and smalltalks... there is no need to do exoteric stuffs just a little bit of integration and extension! We are now moving to EE only because the size of the project justify the cost... but otherwise really CE is rock-solid and versatile.

Just my 2 cents! Giovanni

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