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answered 2011-07-12 02:09:48 +0800

windeyu gravatar image windeyu flag of United States

Hi Benbai, Thank you very much for the pointer. I tried the latest build ( I cleared my IE9 cache, but I still got the following javascript error. "Failed to process rm Unable to get value of the property 'innerHTML': object is null or undefined (TypeError)."

I have code like below

<button id="newButton" label="New">
    <attribute name="onClick">
        Window win = (Window) Executions.createComponents("post.zul", null, null);


<?page title="new page title" contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"?>
    <window id="postWin" title="New Post" width="600px" height="330px" border="normal" position="center" closable="true">
            void onClose() {
        <ckeditor id="editor" width="580px" height="260px">
        <button label="Close" onClick="onClose();"/>

When I close the modal window, I get the js error. Thanks.

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