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answered 2010-12-09 03:44:59 +0800

Meko gravatar image Meko

I think you forgot to use listcell. if you have 2 header then should use 2 listcell item.

        <listbox fixedLayout="true" id="box" mold="paging"
                    pageSize="31" rows="5" height="500px"

                        <listheader width="20px" id="checkbox" />
                        <listheader width="100px" id="productName"
                            label="Product_Name" sort="auto(name)" />
                        <listheader id="category" label="Category"
                            width="50px" sort="auto(cat)" />
                        <listheader id="quantity" label="Quant"
                            width="50px" sort="auto(quant)" />
                        <listheader id="cDate" label="Date" width="90px"
                            sort="auto(date)" />

                    <listitem self="@{each='event'}" value="@{event}">
                            <checkbox id="cbox"
                                forward="onCheck=onChecked" />
                        <listcell label="@{}" />
                        <listcell label="@{}" />
                        <listcell label="@{event.quant}" />
                        <listcell label="@{}" />


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