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answered 2010-01-09 06:07:19 +0800

timo18146 gravatar image timo18146

For me it does not seem to work..

<script content="zk.googleAPIkey='ABQIAAAAijWFss7nQnotGWv7FQCD9hTorFVTpO9Sp6wxj6zL5EhkrHk5dBSB36QGXAqwUNARxpLWqGWyazWAMg'"/>
<gmaps width="500px" height="300px"></gmaps>

always delivers the screen

**To use <gmaps>, you have to specify the following statement in your page:

<script content="zk.googleAPIkey='key-assigned-by-google'"/>

when not called from localhost. - I even tried new keys from google. but no way..

before updating to zk5RC2 it worked without any problems with the old <script src="&lt;a href=" http:="""" maps?file="api&amp;v=2&amp;key=ABQI...""> - tag. Now it does not with neither the one or the other tag. Update to .50 also did not help.

is there a chance to debug this without trial and error?

any ideas welcome!..

thank you!

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