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answered 2009-04-20 15:31:47 +0800

TLHP gravatar image TLHP

thanks robertpic71 for your reply.

In waiting the specs, I tried to imitate the code of Zeta Form Building, but It didn't work ( but it worked with <window apply=""> instead of @Controller *and @AppliedTo*)

My example, it will change the value of label when we click on the button


<window id="personWin" title="Home Page" border="normal" width="50%">
    <label id="lbTest" value="Test"/>
    <button id="btnTest" label="Click here ..."/>

import ...


public abstract class PersonController
  protected Window personWin;

  protected Label lbTest;

  protected Button btnTest;

  // ZK DataBinder
  protected DataBinder binder;

  public PersonController(){}

  public void afterCompose() { 

    binder = new AnnotateDataBinder(personWin);
    personWin.setVariable("personWinBinder", binder, true);


  public void doCancel(Event event) {
    lbTest.setValue("This line was changed ...");

Someone can tell me where is the error??


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