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asked 2012-12-18 08:08:05 +0800

unitcell gravatar image unitcell

how to fire javascript on view-model end ?

Hi all,

Referent ZK Demo effect login [a href=""][/a].

        void loginCheck () {
            if ((name.getValue().equals("zk") && pwd.getValue().equals("zk"))) {
                initBtn.getParent().appendChild(new Label("Login Success !! Welcome to ZK Demo!"));
            } else {
                mesg.setValue("User Name or Password Invalid!");

I wanna change loginCheck() on view to view-model end.

if loginCheck() on view-model return fail(false), how do I got something from view-model to fire this code :

Clients.evalJavaScript("loginFaild()") on view end ?


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