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Neus gravatar image Neus
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Hi, I saw that sinze zk7.0 fileupload accepts html5 accept attribute but I can only find the documentation to implement it in a upload type button. I have a div where user can do a double click to select an image to upload. So on event Double Click of the Div I'm doing a Fileupload.get(). How can I indicate the accept attribute to this method??

Thank you!

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answered 2014-03-18 11:16:37 +0800

chillworld gravatar image chillworld flag of Belgium
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updated 2014-03-19 07:46:50 +0800

Well well,

Its a bug in Zk, they forget to put the accept tag in the zul-7.0.0.jar/web/zul/html/fileuploaddlg.zul

What can you do :

copy that zul to your project :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

                The fileupload modal dialog

                Tue Jul 19 12:06:22     2005, Created by tomyeh

Copyright (C) 2005 Potix Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

        This program is distributed under LGPL Version 2.1 in the hope that
        it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
<?taglib uri="http://www.zkoss.org/dsp/web/core" prefix="c" ?>
<?page language="xul/html"?>
<?component name="uploaddlg" extends="window"
 class="org.zkoss.zul.impl.FileuploadDlg" widgetClass="zul.fud.FileuploadDlg"?>
<?component name="submit" extends="button" widgetClass="zul.fud.Submit"?>

<uploaddlg title="${arg.title}" uploadListener="${arg.listener}" shadow="false" border="normal" width="360px" closable="true"
        w:onClose="this.cancel()" w:max="${arg.max}">
        <label value="${arg.message}"/>
        <fileupload id="fileupload" forward="onUpload=" label="${c:l('mesg:org.zkoss.zul.mesg.MZul:UPLOAD_BROWSE')}"
                upload="zul.fud.ModalFileViewer, maxsize=${arg.maxsize}${arg['native'] ? ',native':''}"/>
        <separator bar="true"/>
        <div id="uploaded" visible="false"></div>
        <div id="btns">
        <submit id="submit" label="${c:l('mesg:org.zkoss.zul.mesg.MZul:UPLOAD_SUBMIT')}"
        <button label="${c:l('mesg:org.zkoss.zul.mesg.MZul:UPLOAD_CANCEL')}" w:onClick="this.$o().cancel(true)"/>

Customize it like you want it, (set your accept=audio/* for example in it)

and in your controller :


Greetz chill.

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It doesn't work to me

Neus ( 2014-03-18 15:02:42 +0800 )edit

I'll try and error myself tomorrow until I get it working:)

chillworld ( 2014-03-18 17:04:34 +0800 )edit

Thank you!

Neus ( 2014-03-18 17:05:08 +0800 )edit

Ok, I will try it thank you! But I have a doubt. If I change Fileupload template to only accept Images, all fileuploads of my application will use that template??

Neus ( 2014-03-19 08:13:35 +0800 )edit

BTW, I will post it as a bug

Neus ( 2014-03-19 08:15:15 +0800 )edit
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