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Like the title ,I need to present a chessboard on a web browser ,how could I do that? In the zul file I write like this :<window >="" <div="" apply="Test"> </window> and in Java codes I created a class Test that implements Composer ,how can I draw horizontal lines and vertical lines ? I just want to know if I am thinking in a right way ,if not ,how could I do this application ,Thank you for anyone who can help me

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answered 2014-03-25 16:38:08 +0800

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I have found this http://www.zkoss.org/zkdemo/multimedia/dynamic_image Basically you have your image tag defined in zul( width and height). On the server you render it with what every you want using Java2D to build you image and populate it on fly.

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answered 2014-03-25 16:57:50 +0800

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Possible duplicate:


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