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Hi guys,

I have a range of objects of a class containing a list of objects from another class. I am presenting the objects in a grid.

It works fine. But how can I put the objects from the list in a listbox?

//Here I get data from the database:

entryList = helper.getAllEntries(db_table, entity_className);
            for (Criteria item : entryList) {
                System.out.println("item: " + item.toString());

// here I put them into grid
ListModelList<Criteria> entryModel = new ListModelList<Criteria>(entryList);

<template name="model">
// here I begin to fill the row in the grid
                    <row value="${each}">
                        <textbox rows="1" value="${each.name}"
                            width="90px" />
// gere I need to present the items of the inner list
// via forEach I do get the entries of parent objects, but not of inner list :( 
                        <listbox mold="select" width="80px">
                            <!-- listitem label="${each.name}" forEach="test1, tes2, Test3, test4"/ -->
                            <!-- listitem label="${each}" forEach="$(each.critDriverList)"/ -->
                                label="${forEachStatus.previous.each.critDriverList.item}: ${each}"
                                forEach="${each.critDriverList}" />

Do you have an idea here?

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