How to stop parent onOpen event?

asked 2013-06-08 10:06:10 +0800

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updated 2013-07-03 08:03:12 +0800

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When i checked checkbox (id = 'sameAsPatientCb') , the parent component will also launch onOpen event. So how can i stop parent opOnen event on this.

Any advise?

<groupbox id="guarantorInfogb" mold="3d" open="true"  height="25px"  forward="onOpen=onOpenVisibleForguarantorInfogb">
    <attribute name="onOpen"><![CDATA[
        guarantorInfoArrow.setSclass("open-" + self.isOpen());
        <caption image="/images/pre/preyellow.gif" label="Guarantor Information">
                <checkbox id="sameAsPatientCb" forward="onCheck=onCheckSameAsPatient"></checkbox>
                <label value=" Same as Patient" style="margin-right:25px"/>
                <div id='guarantorInfoArrow' sclass="open-true"  width="20px"/> 
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answered 2013-07-03 08:45:59 +0800

jumperchen gravatar image jumperchen
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http://jumperchen.blogspo... ZK Team

I post a bug here

Here is the workaround

<checkbox xmlns:w="client" id="sameAsPatientCb" onCheck="">
    <attribute w:name="doClick_">
            function (evt) {
                evt.stop({propagation: true});
                this.$doClick_.apply(this, arguments);
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