How can I hide a gmarker in gmaps? [closed]

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Hi, I have two gmarkers in a gmaps. They indicate the beginning and the ending of an activity. Sometimes this activity is not ended and I have to hide the ending gmark. I tried using setVisible(false) but it gaves me a javascript exception that says

Fallo al procesar 
Cannot read property 'style' of undefined (TypeError)

Then I tried to detach the gmarker and when I have to use it again attach it to the gmaps. When I detach it it disappears but when I set its parent again to gmaps it never appears.

How can I hide a gmark and then make it visible again??

Any idea about it??? It is really important for me to solve this issue...

Thank you!

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answered 2013-03-11 08:57:15 +0800

Neus gravatar image Neus
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Using setVisible with a gmarker throws the javascript exception I wrote in the first post. Using detach when I want to hide the gmarker and then setParent when I want to show it works. I was adding the gmarker to another gmap in my application. That's why I thought setParent() didn't show the gmarker.

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