Separate column for checkbox in a ListBox

asked 2012-12-08 19:12:04 +0800

Light1988 gravatar image Light1988

Hi everybody!

The file below contains the code to show a select query.

I have a problem to show the checkbox provided by the Listbox component in a separate column. In another Listbox i could put an empty cell and then the checkbox column appeared there but now it doesn't work or i can not find the way to do it. Anyone help?


<?component name="left-menu" macroURI="/macros/leftMenu.zul" inline="true" ?>
	<borderlayout apply="org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer" viewModel="@id('vm') @init('table.TableViewModel')" onCreate="@command('showTableContent')" sclass="zk_borderlayoutMenu">
		<left-menu /> 
		<east size="90%" sclass="zk_rightMenu" >
				<space />
					<label sclass="zk_mainTitle" value="Contenido de la tabla Tabla" />
				<space />
				<listbox model="@bind(vm.contentList)" emptyMessage="No content found" mold="paging" pageSize="19" checkmark="true" multiple="true" sizedByContent="true">
		                        <listhead children="@bind(vm.headerContentList)" >
			                        <template name="children" >
							<listheader label="@bind(each)" sort="auto"/>
					<template name="model" >
					         <listitem  children="@bind(each.rowContent)">
							<template name="children" >
			            		               <listcell label="@bind(each)" />
				<space />
				<groupbox closable="false">
					<image src="img/delete.png" sclass="zk_imageLink"></image>
					<a href="http://www.zkoss.org" label="Borrar seleccionados" sclass="zk_link" />
				<space />				

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answered 2014-02-07 07:54:14 +0800

hansoncry gravatar image hansoncry

I want to achieve the same thing - to put checkboxes inside their own column. Any help would be appreciated.

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answered 2014-02-11 10:26:08 +0800

MVarun gravatar image MVarun flag of India
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Hi hansoncry, Try This..

In your ZUL..

<listbox checkmark="true" multiple="true"></listbox>// You'll get Checkboxes.

Set multiple="false" to Get Radio Buttons instead.

Have fun...

M Varun.

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