old version ZK Studio 0.9.3 download Link ? [closed]

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can any one post the link to download ZK Studio 0.9.3 ???

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answered 2013-01-31 04:48:39 +0800

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These are the available ZK Studio for eclipse

Since Eclipse 3.7 and the Studio Service update, the new URL format is http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_ver

The URL of ZK Studio for Eclipse 4.2: [Eclipse4.2](http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_4_2)
The URL of ZK Studio for Eclipse 3.7: [Eclipse3.7](http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_3_7)
The URL of ZK Studio for Eclipse 3.6:[Eclipse3.6]( http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_3_6)
The URL of ZK Studio for Eclipse 3.5:[Eclipse3.5]( http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_3_5 )
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