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asked 2012-10-09 15:43:42 +0800

afxgroup gravatar image afxgroup
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Hello, i'm trying to use this code to use the data binding:

			    import com.wsm.mmo.beans.Table;
			    import com.wsm.zul.models.TablesModel;
			    import org.zkoss.bind.impl.BinderImpl;
			    TablesModel model = new TablesModel();
				void doOrientationChange(ClientInfoEvent evt) {
				    if ("portrait".equals(evt.getOrientation())) {
				    } else {
				        if (!execution.isBrowser("mobile"))
				void changeSomething() {
					Table tab = model.getTables().get(0);
		<vlayout id="main" onClientInfo="doOrientationChange((ClientInfoEvent)event)" width="${zk.mobile > 0 ? '80%' : '100%'}" apply="com.wsm.zul.controllers.TablesController" viewModel="@id('vm') @init(model)">
			<div id="content" sclass="main-content">
				<textbox id="mainTrigger" onChange="@command('refreshTables')"></textbox>
				<grid id="gridTables" model="@bind(vm.tables)" mold="paging" autopaging="true" vflex="true" >
	            		<auxheader label="Table List" colspan="5" />
	            		<column width="60px">Id</column>
	            		<column hflex="4">Table Name</column>
	            		<column hflex="5">Num Players</column>
	            		<column hflex="2">Buy In</column>
			        <template name="model" var="table">
	                    	<label value="@bind(table.tableid)"/>
		                    <label value="@bind(table.description)"/>
		                    <label value="@bind(table.numPlayer)"/>
		                    <label value="@bind(table.buy_in)"/>
			<button onClick="changeSomething()" label="Change 1" /><button onClick="@command('setTable')" label="Change 2" />

Actually the data binding is correctly started at load. Now i want to change someting on my table using the first button. So i get a table and i change the description. but i cannot refresh automatically the grid. If i use the second button after the first one the grid is refreshed correctly. So my question is. Is there a way to use the @command also using zscript?

Thank you

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answered 2012-10-10 09:33:05 +0800

psingh gravatar image psingh flag of India
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To refresh the grid automatically we can use @NotifyChange("tables") on first Command button.You do not require to click on second button to refresh grid.

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answered 2012-10-10 11:23:48 +0800

afxgroup gravatar image afxgroup
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No my question is differenr.. is there a way to refresh the data *without* pressing anything?? and so using the zscript for example when i receive an event on a queue??

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answered 2012-10-11 17:40:56 +0800

sjoshi gravatar image sjoshi flag of India
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@afxgroup Inline Editing and when you will press this button it will save into the database otehrwsie inline will automatically changed it.

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