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Hello all, I've implemened a zk web service which requires authentication through a CAS service (we using Spring security framework). The problem we are facing is that CAS doesn't seem to detect any activity in the web page ionce a user is logged it. As soon as the expiration time is reached, a timeout window is displayed asking for re-authenticate.

The policy we use in CAS is the default:
<bean id="grantingTicketExpirationPolicy"

But it is behaving like
<bean id="grantingTicketExpirationPolicy"

My spring security file looks like this:

Customize: The application need to manage roles here
<sec:http auto-config='true' entry-point-ref="casProcessingFilterEntryPoint">
<sec:intercept-url pattern="/zkau/**" access="ROLE_TEST" ></sec:intercept>
<sec:intercept-url pattern="/*.zul" access="ROLE_TEST"></sec:intercept>

<!-- Invoked when the user clicks the standard logout URL, -->
<!-- that is, "j_spring_security_logout" -->
<sec:logout logout-success-url="${cas.url}/logout" invalidate-session="true"></sec:logout>

<!-- Handles a logout request from the CAS server -->
<bean id="casSingleSignOutFilter" class="org.jasig.cas.client.session.SingleSignOutFilter" >
<sec:custom-filter before="CAS_PROCESSING_FILTER"></sec:custom>

<!-- Declare an authentication manager; it will look for authentication
providers -->
<sec:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager" ></sec:authentication>

<!-- CAS processing filter, does the bulk of the work -->
<bean id="casProcessingFilter" class="org.springframework.security.ui.cas.CasProcessingFilter">
<sec:custom-filter after="FIRST"></sec:custom>
<property name="authenticationManager" ref="authenticationManager" ></property>
<property name="authenticationFailureUrl" value="/" ></property>
<property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="/" ></property>

<!-- Where do we go when we need authentication -->
<bean id="casProcessingFilterEntryPoint" class="org.springframework.security.ui.cas.CasProcessingFilterEntryPoint">
<property name="loginUrl"
value="${cas.url}/login" ></property>
<property name="serviceProperties" ref="serviceProperties" ></property>

<!-- Which service (application) we are authenticating -->
<bean id="serviceProperties" class="org.springframework.security.ui.cas.ServiceProperties">
<!-- "j_spring_cas_security_check" is a standard URL -->
<!-- Note that interaction goes through HTTPS -->
<property name="service" value="${service.url}/j_spring_cas_security_check" ></property>
<!-- set "sendRenew" to false for single sign on, -->
<!-- to true if login should be mandatory -->
<property name="sendRenew" value="false" ></property>

<!-- Provides authentication services to the CAS processing filter -->
<bean id="casAuthenticationProvider"
<sec:custom-authentication-provider ></sec:custom>
<property name="userDetailsService" ref="userDetailsService" ></property>
<property name="serviceProperties" ref="serviceProperties" ></property>
<property name="ticketValidator">
<bean class="org.jasig.cas.client.validation.Cas20ServiceTicketValidator">
<constructor-arg index="0"
value="${cas.url}" ></constructor>
<property name="key" value="0xFFF-1" ></property>

<!-- Log failed authentication attempts to commons-logging -->
<bean id="loggerListener"
class="org.springframework.security.event.authentication.LoggerListener" ></bean>

<!-- User details service implementation -->
<bean id="userDetailsService" class="my.UserDetailsService">
<constructor-arg index="0" type="java.lang.String" value="${system}"></constructor>

My main doubt is focused in the use of the "zkau" url interception.

Any ideas?


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answered 2012-06-29 10:23:27 +0800

paowang gravatar image paowang
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What versions of ZK and Spring security you use?
Can you provide any other code for reproducing?

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