Listbox: horizontal scrollbar appears between list items and footers

asked 2012-02-24 09:16:01 +0800

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whenever a horizontal scrollbar is needed in order to display all the columns in a listbox, it appears just between the listitems and the list foot. Example:

<window title="Listbox" border="normal" width="400px">
    <listbox sizedByContent="true" span="true">
        <listhead sizable="true">
            <listheader align="center" width="40px"
                    image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/ArrowsUpDown-16x16.png" />
            <listheader align="center" width="40px" image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/Envelope-16x16.png" />
            <listheader align="center" width="40px"
                    image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/PaperClip-16x16.png" />
            <listheader label="Subject" sort="auto"/>
            <listheader label="Received" sort="auto"/>
        <listitem height="28px">
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/ArrowUpOrange-16x16.png" />
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/EnvelopeOpen-16x16.png" />
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/PaperClip-16x16.png" />
            <listcell label="ZK Jet 0.8.0 is released" />
            <listcell label="2008/11/17 17:41:29" />
        <listitem height="28px">
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/ArrowDown-16x16.png" />
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/Envelope-16x16.png" />
            <listcell image="/img/Centigrade-Widget-Icons/PaperClip-16x16.png" />
            <listcell label="URLs for iPhone-Optimized Google Sites" />
            <listcell label="2008/11/17 15:56:37" />
            <listfooter label="F1" />
            <listfooter label="F2" />
            <listfooter label="F3" />
            <listfooter label="F4" />
            <listfooter label="F5" />

(zk 5.0.10 and 6)

I would like to know whether there is some way to make the scroll bar appear at the botton of the listbox.

With kind regards

C├ęsar Varona

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Asked: 2012-02-24 09:16:01 +0800

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