How to decode in key listitem while loading data?

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Hello everyone, I have yet another question (embarrassing in its simplicity) that I can not write a decent solution.
I have a simple list box with date and event code. I would like to decode the code on-the-fly, but I can not find a general method.
What do you suggest to fix this?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?init class="org.zkoss.zkplus.databind.AnnotateDataBinderInit" ?>
<window id="win" title="Gestione Utenti" width="750px" border="normal"
 		  <button id="btnnew"  image="/images/buttonadd-32x32.png"  width="40px"  disabled="true" />
		  <button id="btnupd"  image="/images/file-save-32x32.png"  width="40px"  disabled="true" />
	      <button id="btndel"  image="/images/button-del-32x32.png" width="40px" />
	      <label value="__"></label>
	      <button id="btnexit" image="/images/exit-32x32.png"         width="40px" onClick="Executions.sendRedirect("login.zul")"/>
		<tabbox id="tbox" width="720px" onSelect="tbox_onSelect()">
				<tab id="eventi"    label="Eventi"/>
		<tabpanels width="720px">
					<label value="utente" />
	          	<listbox id="lsbEventi" multiple="false" mold="paging" rows="10"  width="700px" 
	          			 model="@{win$composer.EventiUtente, load-after='btnnew.onClick, btndel.onClick, btnupd.onClick'}"
	          			 selectedItem="@{win$composer.current}" >
 						<listheader label="Data"   width="23%" />
 						<listheader label="Evento" />
 						<listheader label="Descrizione" />
 					<listitem self="@{each='current'}" value="@{current}">
 						<listcell label="@{current.Data_evento}"  />
				    	<listcell label="@{current.Evento}"  />
				    	<listcell label="descrizione"  />
	void tbox_onSelect()


public class AdminUtentiComposer extends GenericForwardComposer

	private static final long serialVersionUID = 8329600099118015757L;
	EventiUtente current = new EventiUtente();
	protected transient AnnotateDataBinder binder;
	public List<EventiUtente> getEventiUtente()
		EventiUtenteDAO pdao = (EventiUtenteDAO)SpringUtil.getBean("EventiUtenteDAO");
		List<EventiUtente> lstEventiUtente = pdao.findAll("admin");				
		return lstEventiUtente;

	public List<Eventi> getEventi()
		EventiDAO pdao = (EventiDAO)SpringUtil.getBean("EventiDAO");
		List<Eventi> lstEventi = pdao.findAll();
		return lstEventi;
		page - the page for composing this component.
		parent - the parent component, or null if it is the root component.
		compInfo - the component info used to instantiate the component.
	    public ComponentInfo doBeforeCompose(Page page, Component parent, ComponentInfo compInfo) 
	    	// Inizializzo i dati della pagina
	    	//List<EventiUtente> list = super.getAllEvents();
	    	// Attribuisco il model dati nella pagina
	    	//page.setAttribute("mod_elenco", list);
	    	System.out.println("doBeforeCompose: " + parent);
	    	binder = new AnnotateDataBinder(page);
	    	return super.doBeforeCompose(page, parent, compInfo);

		public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception 
			System.out.println("doAfterCompose: " + comp);

			// Posso aggiungere altri dati o gestrli
			// ...
			// Alla fine devo perĂ² attribuirli in qualche modo
			//desktop.setAttribute("data2", data2);

	    public void doBeforeComposeChildren(Component comp) throws Exception 
	    	System.out.println("doBeforeComposeChildren: " + comp);

	        //DataResource dr = new DataResource();
	        //Object obj = FusionInvoker.newInstance(new Object[] { cmp, dr });
			//set the new object to original component's name then we can use it by EL
	        //cmp.setVariable(cmp.getId(), obj, true);
	    // Dopo doBeforeCompose vengono creati i children
	    public boolean doCatch(Throwable ex) throws Exception 
            return false;

	    public void doFinally() throws Exception 

        protected void loadComponent(Component comp) 
        protected void loadAll() 

    public void addEvent() {}  
    public void updateEvent() {}
    public void deleteEvent() {}
	 *  Metodi per accedere agli eventi di onClick sui button
    public void onClick$btnnew(EventiUtente current) 
    public void onClick$btnupd(EventiUtente current) 

    public void onClick$btndel(EventiUtente current) 
	 * Metodi di accesso dalla videata ai dati
    public EventiUtente getCurrent() 
        return current;
    public void setCurrent(EventiUtente current) 
        this.current = current;

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