ZK Persian Date Picker component

asked 2010-08-07 02:31:38 +0800

omidp gravatar image omidp
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I would like to annouce zk persian date picker component for
persian users has released click here to download
that would be great if you improve it and makes it better to use

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answered 2011-03-03 10:06:02 +0800

mohkermani gravatar image mohkermani

Thanks but your component is not working, with the below error.
I tried much but found nothing,pls help!!!
NOTE using zk5

org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: Widget class required for <PersianDateBox pdt> with default

WARNING: StandardWrapperValve: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet zkLoader threw exception
org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: Widget class required for <PersianDateBox pdt> with default
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.AbstractComponent.redraw(AbstractComponent.java:1681)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.AbstractComponent.redrawChildren(AbstractComponent.java:1750)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.AbstractComponent.redraw(AbstractComponent.java:1690)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.HtmlPageRenders.outPageContent(HtmlPageRenders.java:577)
at org.zkoss.zul.impl.PageRenderer.renderDesktop(PageRenderer.java:80)
at org.zkoss.zul.impl.PageRenderer.render(PageRenderer.java:56)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl.PageImpl.redraw(PageImpl.java:817)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl.UiEngineImpl.execNewPage0(UiEngineImpl.java:443)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl.UiEngineImpl.execNewPage(UiEngineImpl.java:291)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.http.DHtmlLayoutServlet.process(DHtmlLayoutServlet.java:238)
at org.zkoss.zk.ui.http.DHtmlLayoutServlet.doGet(DHtmlLayoutServlet.java:159)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:734)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:847)
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapper.service(StandardWrapper.java:1523)
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke(StandardWrapperValve.java:279)
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContextValve.invoke(StandardContextValve.java:188)
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardPipeline.invoke(StandardPipeline.java:641)
at com.sun.enterprise.web.WebPipeline.invoke(WebPipeline.java:97)
at com.sun.enterprise.web.PESessionLockingStandardPipeline.invoke(PESessionLockingStandardPipeline.java:85)
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHostValve.invoke(StandardHostValve.java:185)
at org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.doService(CoyoteAdapter.java:332)
at org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.service(CoyoteAdapter.java:233)
at com.sun.enterprise.v3.services.impl.ContainerMapper.service(ContainerMapper.java:165)
at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.invokeAdapter(ProcessorTask.java:791)
at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.doProcess(ProcessorTask.java:693)
at com.sun.grizzly.http.ProcessorTask.process(ProcessorTask.java:954)
at com.sun.grizzly.http.DefaultProtocolFilter.execute(DefaultProtocolFilter.java:170)
at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.executeProtocolFilter(DefaultProtocolChain.java:135)
at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.execute(DefaultProtocolChain.java:102)
at com.sun.grizzly.DefaultProtocolChain.execute(DefaultProtocolChain.java:88)
at com.sun.grizzly.http.HttpProtocolChain.execute(HttpProtocolChain.java:76)
at com.sun.grizzly.ProtocolChainContextTask.doCall(ProtocolChainContextTask.java:53)
at com.sun.grizzly.SelectionKeyContextTask.call(SelectionKeyContextTask.java:57)
at com.sun.grizzly.ContextTask.run(ContextTask.java:69)
at com.sun.grizzly.util.AbstractThreadPool$Worker.doWork(AbstractThreadPool.java:330)
at com.sun.grizzly.util.AbstractThreadPool$Worker.run(AbstractThreadPool.java:309)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

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answered 2011-03-04 02:19:25 +0800

mohkermani gravatar image mohkermani

Above prblem solved by adding this line

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<stylesheet href="~./js/ext/aqua/theme.css" type="text/css"/>
	<stylesheet href="~./js/ext/aqua/calendar-system.css" type="text/css"/>
	<javascript src="~./js/lang/calendar.js" charset="UTF-8" />
	<javascript src="~./js/lang/jalali.js" charset="UTF-8" />
	<javascript src="~./js/lang/calendar-setup.js" charset="UTF-8" />
	<javascript src="~./js/lang/calendar-fa.js" charset="UTF-8" />



But Zk freezes on loading!! Any one knows how to solve!?

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answered 2011-03-05 08:19:45 +0800

omidp gravatar image omidp
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Hi mohkermani,
Thanks for your attention
This component is based on ZK 3.6 and i've not migrated it on new version of ZK 5
would you take a look at stack trace and paste it maybe i could solve it ?

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answered 2011-03-05 09:22:47 +0800

mohkermani gravatar image mohkermani

thanks but there's no stack trace it just freezes up on processing!!

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answered 2011-03-05 23:44:48 +0800

omidp gravatar image omidp
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This is just a guess, i think it's because of pcal.js located /web/js/comp, maybe zkau engine has been changed in ZK 5
you need to change this file

zk.load("zul.zul"); //msgzul
zkpDtbox = {};
zkpDtbox.init = function (cmp){	
	zk.listen(cmp, "blur", zkpDtbox.onblur);
zkpDtbox.onblur = function (evt){
	var el = Event.element(evt);	  
	setZKAttr(el, "value", el.value);
	//zkau.sendasap({uuid: $uuid(el), cmd: "onBlur", data: [el.value]});
	zkau.sendasap({uuid: $uuid(el), cmd: "onChange", data: [el.value]});
	//zkau.send({uuid: $uuid(el), cmd: "onBlur", data: [el.value]},0);

would you please test this component in ZK 3.6 and if it freez let me know ?

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answered 2011-04-16 10:46:26 +0800

sahar1978 gravatar image sahar1978

I have work with oracle adf jdeveloper 11g.I need a component persian date.Do anybody can help us?


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answered 2011-04-16 12:44:51 +0800

mohkermani gravatar image mohkermani

Hi Sahar,
I could not use omidp's component.So I "samaballed" the persian input date component.
A guy Called ghasem kiani has developed a persian calendar 5,6 years ago.
If you did not find the package on the net , i'll email that for you.
(Mymail: moh.kermani@gmail.com)

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answered 2011-04-17 02:39:58 +0800

omidp gravatar image omidp
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@Sahar : Oracle ADF is based on JSF try this

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answered 2012-03-17 09:22:45 +0800

dvnharishcse gravatar image dvnharishcse

Can you please give me suggestions on Persian date piker as i am not able to solve the error that you have mentioned dated on Mar 03, 2011

thanks in advance

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answered 2014-09-25 10:02:13 +0800

fiendnet gravatar image fiendnet
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hi thanks for your component. i used it in ZK 7 but zk freezes . anyone can help me?

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