Full-Featured Borderlayout Added to ZK 5 RC Community Edition

asked 2009-10-01 11:20:20 +0800

tomyeh gravatar image tomyeh
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http://blog.zkoss.org ZK Team

updated 2009-10-02 07:47:11 +0800

In response to the strong demand of the full-featured borderlayout,
we repackaged ZK 5.0 RC Community Edition with the full-featured borderlayout, such as title and collapsible.

Make sure the build number you downloaded is 09100117 or later. If not, just download again.


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answered 2009-10-02 14:51:29 +0800

timo18146 gravatar image timo18146

I am actually missing other components which were opensouce untill 3.6. The only mission-critical component I used is gmaps and captcha. Could you please also put this and the other "ex-GPL" components in the new ZK5 community-Edition. This new licensing "Strategy" ist really confusing and it really frightens me to possibly loosing months of work because an Enterprise-Licens is just too expensive for me right now. Why not making a optional two phase-license-model? 1. diffrent Support plans and Enterprise-package-usage for free for developing and secondly per Server runtime-licensing. And then start at something, everybody can afford. lets say: no direct support+IDE+Enterprise-package+1 Server-Runtime = 500$/year. and make aditional servers or CPU needing a separate license. if somebody has already 5 servers up, he definetly might have more money to spend on the license..

Think about why developers use YOUR Framework and not other commercial frameworks. Because it IS cool and (was) featurerich and WAS fully opensouce..... please don't kill your own product by forcing everybody to buy an unaffordable enterprise-license - there are more moderate business-models that dont stop the spreading of ZK on the community . This new licensing policy will only make people turning away from ZK.

Dont missunderstand me. I am of course willing to honour your work - and my first 3 months of learning and implementation i did not. But like me there are many medium level unempoloyed developers outside who try to get knowledge an expertise in new technologies while trying to realize own projects - or find new employments. Don't prevent people from wanting to learn to use ZK because all "cool" features are unaffordable.

Sorry about my bad english. But I am really a bit upset at the moment, because none of my code works with new ZK5-community-edition..


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answered 2009-10-05 09:56:52 +0800

kazuma gravatar image kazuma


I would like to fully support your request. There has been some discussion in the other thread, the one that announced the release... we hope they will "accept" this request.

Obviously, in the meantime, I started looking for some other solutions for my future if they will not change their mind... I just hope they will.

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answered 2009-12-02 13:21:40 +0800

sduensin gravatar image sduensin


I completely agree! The main reason I chose ZK over any other toolkit was it was open source. I really don't have a problem with people making a living from open source, but to start removing features we've come to depend on? That's not good at all. There ARE other similar solutions available now that weren't when I originally decided on ZK (Eclipse RAP, Vaadin, etc.). I really don't want to switch, but the new licensing may force my hand.


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answered 2009-12-03 10:20:59 +0800

gramberg gravatar image gramberg
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Same to me,

I only look at ZK, because it is open source.

Now, I realize that Potix start with unclear costs.

i.e. what realy means: professional layout components and more
ZK calender: nowhere in calender dokumentaion is written, that commercial usage means: you have to pay.

It would be more clear to know: what costs money and what is realy free (and not reduced later)

I find myself as a mouse in a trap, investing time in learn ZK,
after having learned, Poitix say: hi hi, now, it costs money.

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answered 2009-12-03 20:28:25 +0800

tmillsclare gravatar image tmillsclare
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updated 2009-12-03 21:04:14 +0800

ZK 3 and prior versions will continue to be distributed under the GPL license. The GPL license only allows compliant open source applications to use the licensed software/framework. To allow our community more freedom, ZK 5 has moved to the LGPL license which is free for both open source and commercial projects.

We are very committed to open source and took onboard everyone’s opinion making ZK 5 Professional and Enterprise editions completely free for use within open source projects. I believe it is about striking a balance and think that we have definitely achieved this.

As for ZK Calendar, like ZK 3, it has always been licensed under GPL and will continue to be.

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answered 2009-12-04 11:03:10 +0800

sduensin gravatar image sduensin


"...free for use within open source projects." is a big change in the license! With the exception of the Zero Kelvin Desktop code that I based other projects on, *none* of my applications are open source. For me to continue with ZK, I'm going to have to move to Enterprise - that's not going to happen. Being allowed to develop with ZK was contengent on it not adding expenses to an already strained IT budget. Paying for support when needed is understandable, but now we're going to be stuck in the 3.x world until we can port away from ZK.

For the people who do stay with the 3.x series, how long does Potix plan to support it? Are bugs found going to be backported or just fixed in the 5.x tree? I fear a forced "fork" of the ZK community in the not so distant future. :-(


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answered 2009-12-08 09:33:01 +0800

zero5 gravatar image zero5

updated 2009-12-08 09:35:56 +0800

Open source is not always free. I learned my lesson many year ago. I has been stopped from using MySQL because of its GPL license (but they paid at the end). MySQL is probably the one invested the famous dual-license model -- open the source codes or pay. It is the same reason that Ext JS created a lot of complaints when he changed to GPL a year ago. Dual-license is quite common for an OSS-based business. ZK seems change the direction from the dual-license model to dual-version. I don't know why, but it makes sense to me regarding to an conversion with a JBoss guy in a conference. LGPL or MIT is a ticket to have the big players like JBoss to ship their product with ZK.

A fork is the worst nightmare for dual-version business. From the file size, I think it is possible since there is no more than 5% of codes in professional or enterprise version. Scott, are you going to start one?:)

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answered 2009-12-15 09:09:13 +0800

sduensin gravatar image sduensin


Not so much a fork in the code, but the community. There will be "haves" and "have nots" depending on which tree you're in. I'm not going to mess with the code - I'll port away first. Like I said, I'm not some crazy "it must be free!" type guy, but I can't be dependent on a toolkit where one day I have complete access to everything and the next some feature I used is missing.


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answered 2009-12-19 08:46:58 +0800

jimyeh gravatar image jimyeh
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ZK Team

Dear ZK users,

The change from ZK 3's GPL and commercial model to the LGPL offers the community the ability to use ZK 5 CE wherever they please, including open source or commercial applications.

For people who count on ZK 3 PE and EE, we continue our support for the open source community by providing any GPL-compatible or open source project the ability to make use of ZK 5 PE and EE under ZK Open Source License free of charge. If you are interested in this, please contact info@zkoss.org.

For more licensing information, please visit http://www.zkoss.org/license/
and ZK 5 licensing FAQ http://www.zkoss.org/license/faq.dsp.

Jim Yeh
The ZK Team

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answered 2010-01-25 01:08:23 +0800

aschild gravatar image aschild
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It's now some time ago when you announced the new licencing of ZK.
But unfortunaly I'm still unable to see what is included in the CE/PE and EE enditions, nor are there any pricing available....

Do you realy intend us to buy something where we don't know what we get or how much it costs ?

Currently we are not ZK users but we used another framework.
Due to some limitations we are currently evaluating a new server side framework and the two left in the process are ZK and V....n.
We would like to look deeper at ZK, but as long as the licensing "mess" is not cleaned up we are not sure if ZK will get a chance.

So in the meantime we make have a deeper look at the V..... framework and when we are satisfied will perhaps not even take a closer look at ZK.

It's now 4 months since the new licencing has been announced, how long do you expect us to wait ?


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