Question about Zss component and Formulas [closed]

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Hi there!

Im currently having much fun using the Zss component in my web app: my goal is to build up a dinamic three-representation of my business data and everithing is goin smoothly.

But now i have to inject a formula into a cell:

int x = 10;
int y = 3;
String formula = "B6+B7";
Cell cell = sheet.getCell(z, y);

what am i missing guyz? any tips around? am i just badly formatting my formula's string or using a complete wrong approach to my problem?

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answered 2008-12-18 03:18:58 +0800

PeterKuo gravatar image PeterKuo
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You missed a "=" in String formula = "B6+B7";

 public void setFormula(String formula) {
  if (formula != null && formula.startsWith("=")) {
   formula = formula.substring(1);
  Formula val = new FormulaImpl(formula);

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